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03 The Significance of the Number 3

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Author: Lance Winslow

Doe, Ray, Me; what is the significance of the number three? The number three has always been a favorite of humans. The triangle has three sides and is one of the most pleasing shapes to the human mind. We need at least three points for triangulation so that you GPS system works in your car or SUV. Sometimes three can be considered a not so good thing such as; "two is company; three is a crowd!" But generally all cultures hold the number three in very high regard.

We remember the Famous NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt as #3. In Christianity there is the Holly Trinity and let us not forget those three wise men in the story either. In the Hindu Faith we have Trimurti or Hindu Trinity, telling of the parts of God; The Creator Brahma, The Preserver Vishmu and the Detroyer Shiva. One could say "three" is a number of balance. In binary code 3 = 11 and one is universally significant to all cultures. In Greek mythology three is also known well for instance many of the mythological creatures indeed had three heads or had multiples of three. There was Cerberus, a dog with three heads and Scylla, which was a vicious sea monster with six heads.

In Chinese culture the number three holds significance too. The Mayans had three calendars that they used. Three is significant in Culture, Religion, Math and art; for instance three primary colors. Gemini is the third astrology sign and it represents many positive attributes. In politics we often speak of the "third way" or an alternate choice or solution, one which makes our minds think for a more fitting answer which is fair for all concerned. Hopefully we will see more of such philosophy in the future, it would be nice in fact to see much more of this in 2006.

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