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10 Clues You May be A Sales Mania Shopaholic

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Author: Belle Perez

You love the word markdowns. Sales racks at the front of the store is feng shui to you. Cartwheels are a common thing for you when the cashier rings up something even less then you thought. A humourous TOP TEN list for the Bargain Shopaholic Hunter.

1. You know the complete total with taxes even before the cashier finishes ringing it through.

2. You shiver with excitement when you see a red slash on a price tag.

3. Bottled water supply is a necessity when you begin your end of season clearance shopping.

4. You have started helping the sales clerks by showing customers into the fitting rooms and bringing them sizes in sale prices.

5. Explaining to your loved one how you have really saved money by purchasing a year in advance of clothing supply.

6. Demanding to speak to the manager for a further reduction knowing full well the stain will come off at home.

7. Girls nite out is cutting off the price tags and holding a fashion show of your new found bargains.

8. People call you to find out where they can get find it cheaper. You are the walking sales directory.

9. Waking up at 3am to get ready for the mad rush is nothing new to you.

10. Your calendar is booked up with shopping sales and clearance dates.

There are worse things in life.

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