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A Dead Mans Ghost [and Second Sight]

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Author: Dennis Siluk

A Dead Man's Ghost
[Shearing the Silence/Second Sight]

I knew he was dead, I mean dead
As I carried him on my shoulders
Out of the River; no longer warm.

His ghost walked beside me,

He never glanced at me, never

Not once, I was quite relieved.

I stopped, he stopped, and we stopped;
I moved, he moved, we both moved;
He walked beside me with equal steps,

I felt the silence of his death.

As I carried the dead man, limp
Minutes wore on and on and on
I got tired; thus shearing the silence

To its jagged edge, I, I

Whispered, "…how heavy he is';
Still gthe ghost said naught.

I know now, no man can say what
What the mind of another man…
May be suffering in the Afterlife.

He never looked at me once!...

#761 7/11/05

Notes on: Second Sight: There remain mysteries in life you know; sometimes we don't even know what we have certain -if not breathless—insights into the tides and ripples of spheres around earth; for earth is surely a special planet within our solar system; yet others do, that is, others know we have certain capabilities. I have known such people with second sight. I believe it is on one hand a gift, on the other it can be a curse, and if I had three hands, it could be trained to be both.

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