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A Fitting Business

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Author: Jane Langdon

How many of you have always wanted a beautiful Chanel, Christian Dior or Escada outfit, but didn't want to pay the high prices? Or couldn't find it in your size.

When Jane Langdon decided she had to finally have a Chanel suit for a major New York Trade Show, she went on eBay and found one for $800. It was a size 8 and she was a size 12. She hoped to loose enough weight to fit into it, but as the time neared she knew it would not work. So she found a great seamstress to copy it. At the trade show many women asked her where she got her suit. On the plane home, she got the idea to go into business with the seamstress and make custom designer clothing for women.

Jane was already in another internet business for many years making alcohol free floral perfumes, House of Rose (, so she new how to develop a website. Soon the business, aptly named, "Sew Beautiful" ( was started. Jane and her seamstress, Natasha, got an immediate response. Orders from Ireland, Hong Kong and the US were made.

Their fabrics come from the same manufacturer as Chanel or any other manufacturer you choose. The linings are 100% silk and designer buttons are used to create exact copies of Chanel or any other designer clothing. They have also copied the pink suit form the movie "Legally Blonde 2"and the embroidered dress Halle Barry wore at the Oscars. Both have been very popular. Sew Beautiful can copy any suit in any fabric. They make dresses, suits, evening gowns and bridal attire from photos or drawings. So if you have a dream outfit you want created, your dream can come true.

Jane Langdon, President
SEW BEAUTIFUL By Natasha and Jane
Suite 1010
5670 Pennwall Street
Madison, WI 53711-5421

1-877-355-7673 Toll Free
E mail: Jane

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