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Dont Let Them See You Sweat! The Art of Performing Magic! (14 Oct 2005)

We've all been there. Our hands are sweaty, your heart is racing and your hands are shaking like a leaf. Yes, I am talking about trying to pull off your first magic trick that you just learned. You are excited to show your friends and family you...

Dont Mess with My Magic Trick! (26 Apr 2006)

There is usually one in every crowd that just has to be the spoiler in exposing your magic trick. You know, the guy, and I say guy, not girl, for a reason, as in all my experiences, I have yet to have a girl behave in what I am about to describe....

Dr. E.P. Tiaras Gravity Pill (1899) (04 Oct 2005)

Gravity, the mysterious invisible agent which pervades the whole universe: which makes things fall; orbs circle the sun, and create perpetual motion from the solar system, throughout.

(Emanation of providence) "…but what are its properties?"...

Drawing Caricatures (13 Jan 2006)

You've seen them at amusement parks, corporate trade shows and even wedding receptions - the caricature artists who sketch a lovely rendition of your pronounced chin or schnoozola. These freelancers aren't just drawing cartoons. It takes some tale...

Drawings Van Gogh Made After Vowing Never To Paint Again Are On Exhibition in Amsterdam (09 May 2006)

A new show will hit New York Metropolitan this October, entitled 'Van Gogh draughtsman: The masterpiece'. The exhibition features over 100 drawings by the artist, some of which are series that have never been shown in their entirety before. Even t...

Drowning in a Pool of Shadows - Mescaline Take One (27 Dec 2005)

Mescaline is something I only did a few times. I imagine I only did it a few times because it was so hard to come by. For those of you that don't know, mescaline is also referred to as micro-dots. It's a wild drug for a wild mind.

I believe ...

Drowning in a Pool of Shadows - Mescaline Take Two (01 Sep 2005)

My second mescaline trip also got a little out of hand. Me and three others decided to mix mescaline and acid. We each took two micro dots and one green gel tab. The only thing I noticed about mixing the two is that I had way more visuals then whe...

Drunks On The Set (04 Mar 2006)

As long as actors stay sober on the set, movie studios will generally put up with their off screen behavior. Colin Farell often showed up at six in the morning to work on Swat (2003) so hung over from an all night bender that his bodyguards would...

Dukes of Hazzard (25 Feb 2006)

CAR 229

E!s New Reality Show Kill Reality (11 Apr 2006)

The E! channel recently debuted their new reality show entitled "Kill Reality".So what does this show have to do with horror in general? Well interestingly enough,the show plays out like MTVs "The Real World".But unlike "The Real World" where the ...

Easter Island [A Poem; in Spanish and English Now] (26 Apr 2006)

This is an Island, in the remotest sea

Where the soft sunset dies,
Where earth and sky meet.
Where eastern shores awake

To rapid heart beats!...
Where ancient statues stand and stare:
Beneath its blue, common skies.


Easy Does It! Small-Scale Tricks to Dazzle Your Audience (09 Dec 2005)

How to Get Started If You're a Beginner

Whether you've been practicing magic for two days, two years, or twenty, the only effective magic trick is one that actually "fools" your audience. This ability to create a good illusion depends in hug...

Ecstasy: How Dangerous is This Wildly Popular Drug? (06 Jan 2006)

In February 2004 a 16-year-old girl in Connecticut went to a house party with some friends. She took a powdered form of the popular drug known as ecstasy with her friends, went into seizures and later died. In April 2004, a 14-year-old girl in Cal...

Education with Reading Rainbow (17 Aug 2005)

It comes as no surprise that the founder and co-executive producer of the twenty-time Emmy-award-winning show, Reading Rainbow is an educator and avid reader herself. Dr. Twila Liggett was born to teach.

Liggett's passions led her to var...

Effective Leading, Managing and Supervising – What It Takes (26 Apr 2006)

If you search for "effective leadership" on the Internet, you come upon 1,680,000 hits. "Effective management" produces a list of 4,060,000 sites and "effective supervision" points to 237,0000 references. Amazon lists over 10,000 books on leadersh...

Eggshells - Of a Shoeshine Boy (06 Sep 2005)

I feel like an eggshell lying in the backwoods hidden behind a bush.

I am still a Midwestern shoeshine boy at heart though; not much more…trying to find the eggshells I left behind when I was born.

I feel we are but shadows in the hars...

Eight Poems: Two on Minnesota [one: Beer on a Cockroach, etc.] (10 Feb 2006)

1) Winter in Minnesota

In the chilled—evenings, of December,
Inside my warm home, warm night,
I hear the winds and trees chatter;
The day has come and gone—complete.
Northern-lights are over head:
I say my prayers and go ...

EL Gnaw -- And the Asteroid Pygmies (10 May 2006)


EL Gnaw — And The Asteroid Pygmies

For every effect created there is a price to be paid by the population that safe guards it.

King IL Gnow, of Asteroid-Ice Cap, otherwise known as Moiromma's moon, some three-thousand miles ...

El Monstruo Arcaico [previously published in English as: The Monster Archaic] (10 May 2006)

El Monstruo Arcaico
[Una corrida de toros que frecuenta en Lima]
Translated by Nancy Penaloza

La Corrida de toros

Le digo esto por una verdad. Bien, todo esto comenzó simplemente y mi Abuelo, bien - algo dentro de su ...

El Ritual de Ojo Diabolico [Ritual of Chief- Evil Eye/in Spanish] (24 Oct 2005)

El Ritual de Ojo Diabolico

El capitán Derry y los demás se habían dirigido a la espesura de la selva, no habían tenido ni idea de lo que les había pasado a los viejos soldados, y sus seguidores, siendo estos: el mismo viejo soldado , y el...

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