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Old Josh: Chatting in the Barn ((Ozark, Alabama, 1864) Episode Three) (12 Feb 2006)

Chapter Three

Old Josh: Chatting in the Barn
[Ozark, Alabama, 1864]
Chapter Episode Three 8/15/05

"Wor!" he says, 'we is at wor," said Old Josh, in earnest.

But Toby paid little attention to his papa, it was as if he felt...

Old Josh: Fiddlesticks [Ozark, Alabama, 1863] (17 Jan 2006)

Old Josh: Fiddlesticks
[Ozark, Alabama, 1863]
Chapter Episode Two; 8/13/05

The sun was rising over Ozark, Alabama, soldiers were here and there, bivouacked in pastures, alongside of roads, eating breakfast, marching, exercising, brus...

Old Josh: Goes Fishing [Ozark, Alabama, 1864/Chapter Episode Five] (18 Oct 2005)

Old Josh lived on the Hightower Plantation where chores were unlimited and entertainment had to be manufactured by it self, or by those who wanted it. He: Josh was a sharecropper when he was young, back in his 80s; he also fed the pigs, milked cow...

Old Josh: Laying Sick (Ozark, Alabama, 1858-Episode Six) (20 Aug 2005)

"I is sick," he said, old Josh'

"I knowed you are sick," said Silas, Josh's son. And he was lying boned tired, it was a long way back from a funeral he had went to a month ago.

"Wher is ms Molly?" Josh uttered.

"She's a lying dow...

Old Josh: The Funeral (Ozark, Alabama, 1864) [Episode Four] (26 Aug 2005)

Old Josh: The Funeral

[Ozark, Alabama, 1864]
Chapter Episode Four 8/2005]

[Josh and Silas: The funeral] Josh stood by he wooden cross, in the graveyard Jordan, his cousin, who had fought with the Yankees, had come home—Josh and hi...

On the Destination of Species (05 Dec 2005)

A while ago, as I was putting my guitar away, a small, white packet fell out of the case. I picked it up, and, as expected, it was Sillica Gel. Now, who out there can tell me what the packet for Sillica Gel says? Yeah. That's right. "SILLICA GEL. ...

Once You Have Cleansed Yourself (10 May 2006)

Many people ask "what do you do with the poor souls once you have captured them"?

Not living near any volcanoes there is only one other respectful way to handle this problem. The Pig Head advised the following tactful solution.

He rec...

One Horse and Six Men (Arizona Blue—Gunfighter) (08 Feb 2006)

Had he not gone into that backyard, or was it a corral? I'm not sure, I wasn't there; had he not gone into that bar and just stayed at that hotel, until the wedding took place, that forenoon day he'd not have gotten killed, is what I'm talking abo...

One More Thing: Hes Gay (05 Oct 2005)

How is that for a title?

Yesterday we left Jim and George after their aborted trip to the Mall

We may as well forget them today: they went to the liquor store instead and are still at home drunk.

Let's see if we can find another...

OP Art (30 Jan 2006)

A friend sent me some samples of Op Art. Op Art is an optical illusion. It uses mainly squares, stripes, spots, dots, shadings which are seen as moving like waves or changing when the eye is trained on it for any length of time.

Op Art was ...

Operation Shenandoah (30 Mar 2006)

Operation Shenandoah [A Deadly Plot along world Obelisks]

[February 23, 2006—conspiracy: 'Operation: Obelisk-Tree']

We had worked two years on this operation [action] and it was named: 'Operation, Obelisk-Tree' (and someone el...

Opinion, Value and Taste in Art (9) The Art of Collaboration from Rubens to Liverpool Cathedral (01 May 2006)

Part nine. The Nature of Beauty and the Art of Collaboration from Rubens to Liverpool Cathedral.

Whereas opinion and value may, on occasion, be manufactured, it is very difficult to disguise taste which, whether you have it or not, te...

Opinion, Value and Taste in Art (Part One) (19 Mar 2006)

Good Taste, Bad Taste and No Taste

The troika of opinion, value and taste are inextricably entwined. Yet, as with close relationships everywhere, they may be intimate and loving, distant and hateful or entirely indifferent t...

Opinion, Value and Taste in Art; (8) the Glory of the Renaissance (07 Aug 2005)

Part eight. Brilliant colours, brilliant execution, brilliant age - the glory of the Renaissance

If I am honest, the real reason I was so underwhelmed by the Lloyd Webber extravaganza was that, tucked away upstairs, there was an absol...

Opinion, Value, & Taste in Art (2) From Botticelli to Goya – Artistic Variations of the Human Body (06 Sep 2005)

It is fair to say that many observers of art, professional or otherwise, are hampered by preconceived ideas of what represents good art. The uninitiated might consider Botticelli's "Venus" the epitome of female beauty and use it as an unswerving b...

Opinion, Value, & Taste in Art (3) Educated Public & Uneducated Critics – Divergent Opinions on Art (12 Mar 2006)

We also frequently witness a significant divergence between mass appeal and informed opinion. The latter cares very much about the aesthetic and very little about the quality of the experience. There is a great deal of intellectual arrogance among...

Opinion, Value, & Taste in Art (6) Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Pre Raphaelites (17 Mar 2006)

Of course, it would be quite wrong to finger Kinkade alone. If we are to truly enter the realm of the overrated, one cannot ignore the contribution of the composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber. I suffered the relative misfortune of visiting an exhibition ...

Opinion, Value, & Taste in Art; (7) Occasional Pleasures from the Lloyd Webber / Pre Raphaelite Exhi (25 Aug 2005)

Part 7. Quality amid Chaos - Occasional Pleasures from the Lloyd Webber/Pre Raphaelite Exhibition

Now don't get me wrong. The exhibition wasn't all bad by any means and there were certainly some impressive images, particularly those a...

Organization Is The Key To Maximizing Your Tivo (28 Jan 2006)

Maximize Your TIVO

Isn't Tivo just the greatest invention EVER? I love mine and this article is just some helpful tips I use myself to keep my tivo to the maximum level it can have.

Mine is only a 30 hour unit which I thought would be ...

Original Fine Art: Finding Your Art Personality (20 Jan 2006)

Most people are reluctant to buy art work because they don't understand it. Since the turn of the twentieth century, art has come out in increasingly bewildering forms. Who really gets Picasso? And what value really do melting clocks have for anyt...

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