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Planet SSARG [Chapter Seven Legs of the Spider: with Two Parts] (11 Aug 2005)

Part Seven of Nineteen [See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG—Legs of the Spider And the Great Planes [two parts] [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

[Lets of the Spider] —The Tarantula Nebula. Around our Galaxy resides two separate gala...

Planet SSARG--Plant of Grass (Part 1 of 19 The Cadaverous Planets) (25 Jan 2006)

Part One of Nineteen [See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG—Planet of Grass [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Outside of the Milky Way, beyond Moiromma, and Ice Cap, is a planet the size of earth, with a large moon that seems to guard, ...

Planet SSARG--The Snakes ((Part Two))The Cadaverous Planets) (01 Oct 2005)

Part Two of Nineteen [See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG—the Snakes [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Possibly she emitted some kind of hidden strength—if not second sight (she knew when danger was and was not prominent; and all her...

Planet SSARG: The Great Battle (Chapters 15 Part two; and 16) (30 Aug 2005)

Part Two

The leader, Scoriae, was left with little alternative, but to go back; lest he wait until his men no longer would be able to resist the climatic change and die in place.

Siren agreed with Scoriae, not quite knowing...

Planet SSARG: The Quiet Mound (Chapter Eighteen) (26 Apr 2006)

There seemed now to be a lull in the world's ancient races; siren lived in her tree castle for may years thereafter, with the kings and leaders from all around the globe, coming too visit her: such as Blaze, Scoriae, and Blezza e'l, and the Cliff ...

Planet SSARG: Finn the Giant [Chapter Nine] (27 Jan 2006)

"Do not slay him," she screamed at the three misfits, she demanded. Perhaps it was their way of playing with the big guy, but it looked fatal from Siren's vantage point.

The Giant grunted at all three of the individuals, and the three said, ...

Planet SSARG: Hearts of Buzzards [Part one of two/Chapter #13] (04 Aug 2005)

Below the cliffs and caves remained the frequently snarling vipers and rodents, and a few of the Manticores, all in and with their own arguments on dominating natures: questioning whom would rule who, when, how, etc., Siren had been gone now going...

Planet SSARG: King Htok (Chapter Ten: Part of the Cataverous Planets) (18 Sep 2005)

Chapter Ten:

King Htok

"I warn you," he said, "if you try to scratch or bite my men I will kill you!" Said King Htok, sitting on his stone throne, instructing Siren in the niceties of war, and fair play: she merely snarled at him, and ...

Planet SSARG: The Chamber City (Chapter Eight) (25 Jan 2006)

The creature, Manticore's, sat by the warm fire; they wanted to know how to create fire. And with Siren's second-sight, she read their minds. In ding so, she also found out nearby, underneath a cliff were what they called "The Chamber City," it wa...

Planet SSARG: The Document (Chapter Twelve) (04 Mar 2006)

Chapter Twelve The Document

It was a strange document. She looked at the king with high sharpened eyes, looking at his massive shoulders. Remembering the love making he forced upon her the evening before. The woman inside of her wanted him, ...

Planet SSARG: The Executioner [Chapter #11] (02 Sep 2005)

Chapter Eleven The Executioner

Siren knew she was silently condemned to death, especially in the morning when the king, King Htok, and several of his guards awoke her, stood over her like hawks ready for the kill.

She could see the kin...

Planet SSARG: The Jackal—Blezza el (Chapter Seventeen) (06 Dec 2005)

Onward they marched, the land dotted with lakes and mud holes. This southern hemisphere possessed no great body of water, just streams and ponds for the most part: beautiful as they were they were not home for the many: even though Siren got to li...

Planet SSARG—Homeland (Chapter Three: Part of: The Cadaverous Planets) (26 Feb 2006)

Still only partially clothed, and unarmed for the most part of what to do, but with a renewed confidence she examined, Siren examined, the countryside, a thousand snakes surrounded her, but gave distance so she was free to walked any which way she...

Planet SSARG—The Bear Cliffs [Chapter #5] (01 Apr 2006)

Part Five of Nineteen [See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG—The Bear Cliffs [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

As Siren climbed the cliffs, step by step, the moans and howls for the the snakes and rats bellowed at her, echoed up to her...

Planet SSARG—The Gathering (Part Four ( Part of The: Cadaverous Planets)) (24 Dec 2005)

Part Four of Nineteen [See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG—The Gathering at: "HegMkog." [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Siren had built a large tree house, reaching from one tree to the other: that is, reaching from those two huge t...

Planning a Painting (20 Aug 2005)

Planning a Painting:

Okay, you've found it--the perfect scene, the one you think will make the perfect painting. What's next? Different schools of thought broach the subject. Some artist go straight to the paper (or canvas, as it w...

Por un tazón de sopa (For a Bowl of Soup ((in Spanish/Revised)) (16 Mar 2006)

Por un Tazón de Sopa


He considerado aconsejable cambiar los nombres de los caracteres principales en esta historia; un pecado venial a lo mucho. En cualquier caso, los nombres importan poco si la fuente de la historia refleja l...

Positive Attitude: 5 Attitudes to Eliminate (15 Oct 2005)

Q. At different times in my life, I've been told that I have a bad attitude. I've never seen what people have meant so I just blew it off. Now I've received the same feedback on my job performance review. They couldn't tell me much of anything spe...

Practice -- The Art of Selecting Cave Walls to Canvas (10 May 2006)

As an oil painting instructor I'm used to all sorts of questions from students learning how to paint on the materials of our illustrious craft. In fact, one of the all time biggies is about what painting surfaces to use for practice and finished p...

Precious Stones Explained! (22 Sep 2005)

The mineral to which the term " precious stone" is applied, must be adaptable for jewelry or ornamental purposes and must possess beauty, hardness, and rarity.

The beauty of a precious stone or gem consists of its color or colorlessness, bri...

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