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Adam Smith the Real-life Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Won (19 Apr 2006)

At about this time each year, without fail, the lament will go out about how the real meaning of Christmas has been lost. This pre-Christmas tut-tutting is as much of a tradition as the obligatory Christmas cards, and treated in the same casual wa...

Adam to Windsor – What’s That? (27 Oct 2005)

In Depression Glass parlance, "from Adam to Windsor" refers to the alphabetical order in which collector's guides typically list all the patterns of the seven largest glass companies that produced this now-collectible glassware. Some of these comp...

Adult Swim - You Must Be This High To Ride This Ride (29 Oct 2005)

1. You Must Be This High To Ride This Ride
2. There's No "P" In Pool
3. Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law
4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
5. Sealab 2021
6. Brak Show
7. English Channel Swim
8. Bobby G. Can't Swim

1. Y...

Advanced Techniques for Eliminating Hip and Thigh Fat, and Cellulite from the Body (10 Nov 2005)

To recap on last month's article, we hit three major points regarding what it takes to lose fat from the hips and thighs for good. These are the basics that must be in place before any of the advanced tactics for losing cellulite will do much good...

Advantages of 360-Degree Vision Devices (24 Dec 2005)

Humans do not have 360-degree vision. Think about why we have evolved this way and what it means to the vision and what we will have to do to improve upon Mother Nature's excellent design. We have drawings of such 360-Degree Vision Device, which p...

Advantages of Online Chess (13 Aug 2005)

Online chess(Correspondence Chess) is a wonderfull service available through the internet. It gives you the opportunity to play chess and to interact with players from all over the world easily.

Advantages of Online Chess:

- Play Onlin...

Affordable Paintings: Art Prints Buying Guide (15 Feb 2006)

The fastest way to bring beauty and style to a room is to put up prints of beautiful paintings. Here's what you should consider:

Painting Prints Price Range:

Expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-$500 for an unframed print...

Aforgomons Creation [Poetic Prose] (09 Feb 2006)

Aforgomon's Creation
[Poetic Prose of an ungodly creation]

(Part I, Aforgomon's son) I saw the god-son, of Aforgomon, there was something in his gaze likened to a salty hurricane! Like his father he tried to swallow me, but I escaped t...

Agaliaraepts Gate [Chapter 14/ Part II The Cadaverous Planets] (10 Oct 2005)


Agaliarept's Gate

[Part II]

There are things more powerful than Hell and its demons, it's called, self-interest.

[Prior to the battle that was about to take place, Siren had taken her mother's corpse and within a mome...

Ah!! Monsoon Season... (16 Apr 2006)

"As dark gray clouds gather in the sky, it reminds me of eternal gifts that our Mother Nature has presented to us."

Truly, nature has her own subtle way of expressing love and affection to us. During monsoon season, when tiny rain droplets f...

All Aboard... Everyone Going Global! (29 Jan 2006)

In today's society we move at an incredibly fast pace and with this fast pace comes a continually evolving environment. When we consider the wide-spread integration of high level technology globally, the best may be yet to come. There are numerous...

All About Hawaii Five-O (13 Apr 2006)

Some of us are old enough to remember Steve McGarrett and his sidekick Danno in the long running tv series Hawaii Five-O.

For those that are old enough - and for those you may not be but are just curious - here are my top five Five-O factlet...

All You Could Ever Know About Original Reality Series (29 Apr 2006)

We all know what they mean but we don't know whether we should like them or hate them. I recall an Original Reality Series named 'Candid Camera' few years ago. Some persons on the street (who had no idea there was a camera waiting to film them) we...

Along the Docks of Havana (04 Dec 2005)

Along the Docks of Havana

Havana and Carlos

It seems Havana has what I call a luring spell upon people; it surely does have a lively spirit. The architecture remains at the pre-Cuban Revolution form. The Tropicana, where I stayed...

Already Dead (a Short Story) (16 Aug 2005)

The Room

She is down, down in the China Cabinet; her insides, ashes, that's all that is left of her—wood around her, and her, she´s just ashes, that´s it in a nutshell:

"Over there" —I say and point, point and say, not sure which one ...

Amaryllis of Hawaii Loves To Cook Recipes for Life (10 Dec 2005)

Amaryllis of Hawaii loves to cook and prepare parties and entertain for others. It can be dinner for two or a party for fifty. She can handle. Her adventures in the kitchen began at about age twelve. She was asked to peel an onion once at a friend...

American Artist, Ed Booth, To Exhibit At Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival (18 Apr 2006)

American artist, Ed Booth, will exhibit at Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival, Winter Fantasy, at Booth 130.

"This will be my first time exhibiting at the Sawdust. I am really excited and looking forward to a great show," states Booth.


An Abstract Painting - How to Produce One, Part 1 (03 Mar 2006)

Perhaps the title would be better as the question I have so often heard: "How can I produce an abstract image?"

Within the next few articles I intend to lead you into those dark secret places filled with wonderful tantilizing enigmas, where ...

An Artists Recipe For Life (18 Oct 2005)

Be insouciant with a smile. Laugh on purpose. Lie in the dark field and watch comets. Look danger in the eye with unwavering mirth. Wink, flirt, kiss and admire romance and beauty in others. Feel the grass, the wind, the sun and the emotions of al...

An Interview with Ron Price (06 Jan 2006)

Q: What about the human influences, the affect of people, on what you write? Is it as great as books which obviously have quite a significant impact from what you say?

Price: Many of my poems are the result of experiences I have with my coll...

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