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Repeating Myself Myself (25 Nov 2005)

Not a million years ago, I was planning how to solve the problems of the human race by removing safety warnings.

However, some of the more squeamish among you may have found that a little extreme. Fear not. I have another idea.

As I've...

Revenge of the Tiamat [Chapter One] (31 Dec 2005)

Revenge of the Tiamat [6,820 BC]

Chapter One

Sinned at home, on leave from the Army

In the State of Dreaming
[The Camel Market]

Outside of the ancient city of Heliopolis, otherwise known as the: "City of the Sun," in Eg...

Review of the Vagina Monologues / Barbados (17 Aug 2005)

The Frank Collymore Hall was pulsing, vibrating, raving, crying, retaliating, and gushing self-affirmation when the Vagina Monologues came to the stage last Sunday evening, in a celebration of V-day hosted by the National Organization of Women (NO...

Ritual Crafting, Part One: The Basics, Conception and Design (28 Sep 2005)

The art of ritaul crafting is that of ancients. Practised since the time of our prehistoric ancestors, and now still today in the 21st century. The place of the crafter has always been that of privilage, allowing a special place in simple and comp...

Robot (27 Apr 2006)

With the release of I ROBOT, one is immediately reminded of Professor Ken Warwick, and the research or experiments that he was involved in. His chip implant in 1998 was the source of some curiosity and debate. His building was retro-wired to inter...

Rognat and the Wankas: La Laguna de Paca on Venus [Now in Spanish and English] (11 Apr 2006)

The first man in space was to Rognat's understanding, Carson Napier, a former British subject. He departed earth by way of a torpedo (of his won design), many years before his birth. He tried to reach Mars, but landed on Venus. This off course is ...

Rules Rules Rules (25 Oct 2005)

I have always been a rules-based person. Over the years I have concocted quite a sophisticated set of rules, if I must say so myself. In fact, a mantra that I repeated three times each night was: "Before I lay me down to sleep, I must make more ru...

Rupture of Hells Vaults [#13 The Cadaverous Planets] (27 Jan 2006)


Rupture of Hell's Vaults

Evil breeds evil—thus, the initiator has something to look forward to…

Aznar—the Demon, goes to Asteroid-Ice Cap to find Jokaneen; he has gathered up information of its inhabitants, as well as Moiro...

Sacrifice at the Hypogeum (18 Sep 2005)

Part I

A young man, named LH, came from the small country called Malta, to pursue studies at the University, who had but a little money in his pocket, settled in an apartment near by the University. The young stranger, for very few knew wh...

Sales Force Nirvana is Really About Balance (09 Jan 2006)

"A" players understand balance - they understand that the most important contributor to their success besides relationship equity with their customers is time allocation. That warrants repeating -- time allocation - and remember the currency to ru...

Sam Gilliam: A Retrospective (22 Sep 2005)

Sam Gilliam saw his fame apex in the late 60's when he rushed the art world with his groundbreaking Draped paintings and began paying the mortgage on the title of the world's "most prominent African American painter." Now firmly planted in his 5th...

Saving the Iberian Lynx (29 Apr 2006)

Of the 32 remaining species of big cat left in the world, the Iberian Lynx is the most endangered, even more so than the Siberian tiger. Western Europe's last remaining big cat is in serious trouble, recent estimations place the number of lynx rem...

Schnellegeister - or Quick Spirit (03 Sep 2005)

Sometimes called "Snallygaster". Did a Spirit drive through the wall and run over someone?

As Jimmy and Hillary hurried away from the scene if they had happened to glance back the may have found the answer.

They had never been to the ...

School Theater, 2nd Act (25 Feb 2006)

There is a bright side not to neglect when you encounter a total failure: you can nothing but improve. Therefore, the year following my first failure, I volunteered to undertake to prepare the yearly theater performance.

Those who had witnes...

Scorpios Child (13 Nov 2005)

Scorpios get a lot of bad press. They're vindictive, mean, and obsessed with sex. That's not really fair. Scorpio rules the house of sharing. They are the stewards of sharing money, resources, love, and yes sharing each other's bodies. It is their...

Scream Vogue (16 Apr 2006)

Catherine Aitken a kind of time-honored traditional classic of fabrics which are an evocative of an old-fashioned Scottish childhood.

Catherine Aitken's handbags are made using the softest mohair, coarse and smooth harris tweeds and an array...

Screenwriting Essential(s): Heros Journey and No Going Back (14 May 2006)

The Hero's Journey is the template upon which the vast majority of successful stories and Hollywood blockbusters are based upon - understanding this template is a priority for story or screenwriters.

The Hero's Journey:

· Attempts to t...

Sedna to Cibara [Part III to Project: Space Tomb] (22 Sep 2005)

Sedna to Cibara
[Part III to Project: Space Tomb]

The Planet Cibara, looking up at Moiromma

Sedna's composition was ice and soil, mixed for the most part with (H20) water; (CH4) methane and frozen CO2 (carbon dioxide). The soil was...

Selling Art Online – Does It Work? (20 Jan 2006)

If you are interested at all in art and photography, you will no doubt have noticed the huge number of impressive looking online galleries all over the internet. Judging by the numbers of signed up artists and photographers they seem extremely pop...

Sensational new evidence proving origins of Teddy Boys (13 Apr 2006)

Sensational cover up exposed, original Teddy Boys were really bears all the time.

Thanks to this exclusive Stiffsteiffs exposé, Teddy Boys make their comeback.

Everyone thinks rock and roll kicked off Teddy Boys, but the very name sho...

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