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Talking Parrot in Skara Brae! (27 Feb 2006)

Kara Brae, the home of the Ranger's guild, was recently visited by a strange individual indeed. This fellow, although rather short and greenish, proved to be a wonderful addition to the town's atmosphere, if only for a day. This individual was a p...

Tangor and the Banshees! (Chapter Two) (02 Jan 2006)

Outside in the deep cold of space, perhaps like in the deep cold of the oceans, perhaps, not like anything, anyone can really imagine, Tangor witnessed several banshees flapping their giant wings around his spacecraft, staring and glaring into his...

Tangor Battles (Chapter Five) (30 Aug 2005)

He tore out its windpipe—mercilessly; then, Tangor threw blow after blow-(how could he still fight he pondered), he had now, his hand off its throat. They both fell one onto one another, Tangor on top of the Hyena, and the Hyena screamed a low, l...

Tangor, and The Keeper (Chapter Four) (25 Oct 2005)

(Chapter Four: 570,000 million miles)

It was daylight on both Moiromma and its moon, Ice-cap, so it appeared from the spacecraft's porthole, from outer space. Tangor was looking through his telescope, he could see houses, all their shapes a...

Tangor: A Nightmare Complete! (Chapter Three) (06 Dec 2005)

Ice-worms in space, yes indeed, I would not have believe it had it not been told to me by Tangor himself. And so I shall tell you what he told me: they are creatures from Moiromma, a planet outside our solar system, and they have a clutching grip,...

Tangor: Tuwaqachi (The World Complete, English and Spanish) (01 Mar 2006)

Note: here is a new chapter/episode, number #8, and somewhat connecting to its previous one, episode seven, and again quite small, in the ongoing Voyage of Tangor, part of the Cadaverous Planets.


From episode seven [7]: "Thus, ...

Tangors Quest! (31 Dec 2005)

Tonos, was quite a long distance from Poloda, and in the early l940s, Tangor, was granted permission to go on a mission there, granted by Eljanhai, the Great I, of the planet. He left behind memories of Yamoda, and the empire of Kapara, and also o...

Tangors Voyage, and the Mud-Cloud [now in: English and Spanish] (08 Feb 2006)

Note: here is a new chapter, and quite a small one at that, in the ongoing Voyage of Tangor, part of the Cadaverous Planets, episode seven. Be looking for Rognat also, and his voyages, I have done several of them, but I've got to find my napkins, ...

Tangor’s Sorrowful Romance (Chapter Six) (04 Oct 2005)

(Chapter Six; 570,000 million miles)

She, Siren, had very little cloths on, it was summer on Moiromma, he watched her from his telescope; yet, still Tangor kept his mission in his mind, when not watching her that is, or checking out Ice-cap...

Teak Sofa: Add Comfort and Style To Your Patio (01 May 2006)

It is widely known and accepted that outdoor furnishings made with teak are the most beautiful and durable. This premium wood can withstand the harshest of weather beautifully for decades and is one of the most popular woods used for constructing ...

Technique of Water Color Painting WC05 PAPER (17 Apr 2006)

I use two sorts of watercolor paper.

These are Saunders 'Waterford' Rough - hand made weight 638g/sqm - 300lb. I buy it in its standard size sheet of 762mm x 559 mm (30 x 22 inches.) and or:

Bockinford machine made watercolor paper. Th...

Technique of Watercolor Painting WC04 TOOLS (15 Feb 2006)

A painter's main tool box plus a number of smaller boxes are needed for all your tools so they can be found quickly. In addition it is important to know if any one of them is missing so it can be found before it is required for a specific painting...

Televisions Mysteries: The Twilight Zone of other Television Programs (20 Apr 2006)

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. That's what Rod Serling would say. It appears to me that the Twilight Zone may have affected more than the 30 minutes it controlled every week those many years ago. So with the keys of your imagina...

Temp Gretta and the Great Seattle Race (29 Mar 2006)

They met at the very edge of Queen Anne Hill, in the parking lot of a defunct Safeway store. In the dead of night they gathered, this gang for sly and sneaky temps, to fight for the longest and best temporary employee assignment in Seattle. Make...

Ten Online Slot Machine Tips (13 Mar 2006)

Online casino slot machines are a very random game of chance, but there are certain basic money management and playing tips that can maximize your bankroll and increase your chances of success and of winning the big jackpots.

Tip 1. Know You...

Ten Percent Of Jimmy Stewart (22 Oct 2005)

Jimmy Stewart was seen one night in 1933 in New York performing on stage as a female impersonator by an MGM talent scout. He was signed to a contract to come to California to work for the prestigious studio. Studio Head Louis B. Mayer expressed do...

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made by First Time Filmmakers (21 Nov 2005)

Is putting the audience to sleep a mistake…or a blessing? Filmmaker Sondra Lowell sets new screenwriters and directors straight.

1. Contrary to current belief, keeping the audience awake is the biggest mistake a first time filmmaker can make...

The Abyss of the Black Sea [Part III to: the Great Tower at Kura] (08 May 2006)

From Part I

The Great Tower at Kura

[4th Millennium BC]

….death was simply a recycling of that commodity to be found in most every corner of the world; consequently, free labor in a city-state was a right, which it was given by t...

The Account of: Nori Iron from Moiromma [Part 7 to, The Cadaverous Planets] (13 Aug 2005)

The Planet Moiromma
[And the Moon Ice Cap]

[Letter of account—March 24, 1903] I, Nori Iron from the planet called Moiromma now growing of old age in the jungles of what is known as Guatemala, by an ancient Mayan city called Tikal, I a...

The Account of: The Apparition Tiamat (23 Jan 2006)

The Account of:
The Apparition Tiamat

[A Vignette/sketch #4: introduction into a new series]

(A Letter found at the late H.L. Lovelit's Home, in Boston, had the following story.)

It was in the spring of a lost year, one yet t...

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