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The Amazons: Men Not Wanted Here! (18 Apr 2006)

Out here in Idaho the word "Amazon" has a special meaning. The meaning is: "She is a big 'ne, isn't she!"

Rumors back yon from the jungles of the Amazon River said that there were tribes of women who liked to dress like men. From the stuff I...

The Amuc (a short story in English and Spanish) (21 Sep 2005)

The Amuc
(A short Story, Dedicated to Marissa Cardenas)

Forward: When Gilmore Anquist disappeared, no one knew quite where to start looking for him. That was a decade ago, I would say. I knew him quite well, that is, as well as anyone ...

The Amuc, and Inca Hydra (The Second Adventure; Now in English and Spanish) (29 Oct 2005)

(A short Story, Dedicated to Joseito Arrieta from Radio Station 91.7 "Super Latina" in Huancayo)

Forward: When Gilmore Anquist disappeared, no one knew quite where to start looking for him. That was a almost three decade ago. I knew him quit...

The Angry Redhead (15 Dec 2005)

"When setting out to sea, avoid people with red hair for they bring bad luck to a ship"."

In ancient Ireland if a traveler were to happen upon a woman with red hair he must turn around and start his journey all over again. Red heads bring ba...

The Apprentice Season 4: More Class, Less Profanity (15 Aug 2005)

Ah, the Fall TV season is on it's way... being more of a TV than movie watcher I'll have more to write about once again.

Season 4 of The Apprentice will soon be upon us, and in view of last seasons lower ratings, Donald Trump has de...

The Apprentice Season One: Why the Women Lost (21 Mar 2006)

On January 8th, 2004, eight women and eight men arrived in Manhattan ready to participate in the unique NBC reality show The Apprentice, where the prize for the final player was a $250,000 a year job working for Donald Trump. The participants wer...

The Archbishop: and the Maiden [#12 of 27, to The Cadaverous Planets] (18 Mar 2006)

The Archbishop: And The Maiden

Faith believes, it also trusts: and it also tests.

"I am the Archbishop of Brugge," he said to his guest in a most ingratiating voice.

"And I am Jokaneen of the Asteroid-Ice Cap, at the end of yo...

The Are You a Witch Test (16 Aug 2005)

"Tis the witching hour of night, Orbed is the moon and bright, And the stars they glisten, glisten, Seeming with bright eyes to listen For what listen they?" John Keats

The singular popularity of the Harry Potter books and movies has magical...

The Art of Saying No (27 Sep 2005)

Why do we have so much trouble saying "no?" I think there are several reasons. We may not want to hurt the other person's feelings. If we say "no" the other person may think we're unkind. Saying "no" is often a confrontational experience - som...

The Attic Bedroom [An Old Type Winter--l958] Short Story (05 Aug 2005)

Again, Lee, now eleven-years old, and Mike, his brother, two years his senior, ran through the second floor attic bedroom discovering Grandpa Anton was listening, they heard grandpa cursing and mumbling in the living room, then their mother crosse...

The Bahamas Offshore Company (02 Apr 2006)

The Bahamas is a chain of islands comprising 5,358 square miles, located 40-50 miles east of Florida, it has a population of 300,000. Most Bahamians live in two major urban centers: Nassau (its capital) and Freeport.

The Bahamas is a member ...

The Basics of Surround Sound (02 May 2006)

Whether you are an audio novice or an experienced technophile, this article is for you. Let's take a few minutes to review the basics of surround sound, and the principles behind it. If you are new to surround sound, this will help you to unders...

The Bastard Giants: The Creation of a Race�Legacy (10 Jan 2006)

Parts One through Three

Part One

In the Beginning:

It all had to start somewhere, someplace. It just didn't evolve from nothing. In all my books, a series of five to be exact, I talk about the Watchers or Angelic Renegades, the ...

The Beauty of an Abstract Painting (12 Jan 2006)

The art of abstract painting began a very long time ago. Artists began this art several hundred years ago. In fact, you have probably seen some of the more famous abstract paintings before. You may recall a famous abstract painting created by V...

The Best Part of my Life, [A love poem; for Rosa] and Commentary by the Author (04 Feb 2006)

The Best Part of my Life
[A love poem; for Rosa]

I shall lay deep beneath the gravel earth
And wait, like a ghoul on a moonlit night,

While you rest beside the fire's heat, grey,
My love, wife, my life, does not forget me;<...

The Big Carrot [a Short Story: 1957] (05 Mar 2006)

The Big Carrot [St. Paul, Minnesota: 1958]

Uncle Ernest, who really was not my uncle, but my mother's boyfriend for some forty-years, found my secret when I was eleven years old, back in the summer of '58, in St. Paul, Minnesota. He had abou...

The Big Maybe and God Said and Birds Applles and Kisses: Poems (10 Nov 2005)

The Big Maybe

The best word I've ever heard

was�maybe! Maybe: is what man really lives

by�. A 'yes,' beforehand, is seldom

known� A maybe, is a story untold.

Thus, I cannot say 'yes,' then.

And to be quite frank...

The Big Mouse [1959] (05 May 2006)

The Big Mouse
[St. Paul, Minnesota; 1959]

"You boys upstairs go on to bed now�go to sleep, make sure you've turned off all the lights," mother was saying. "Go on now!" she repeated herself, hearing me getting into bed; Mike was lying bac...

The Brady Bunch (08 Apr 2006)


1. A Very Brady Birth
2. Color Coding
3. Caroling
4. The French Connection
5. Brady Fun Trivia
6. Brady Times Infinity
7. Six Degrees Of Brady Sunday Bacon
8. The Brady ...

The Brick (1952) (28 Oct 2005)

I was only five-years old back then, when this occurrence took place: the 'brick,' situation; my brother Mike, was seven, the antagonist not sure who it is or was, but Steve the owners son was about seven at the time, and Jill was nine, the owners...

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