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The Cigar [a chapter story] (03 Apr 2006)

For some odd reason Günter's mind started shifting into a different mode—he was at an old friend's work place, at a party [dreaming], he always liked a good cigar now and then, on special occasions that is, --and Molly, the secretary, asked him i...

The Confines of Toilets in Modern Art (16 Jan 2006)

Toilets in Modern Art

Travelers tend to frequently take the cleanliness of toilets as indicative of how civilised a country might be. Modern artists pretty much do the same thing. Defining a "threshold of civilization" by means of a toilet p...

The Corral (North St. Paul, Minnesota; 1952) (25 Nov 2005)

I stood there against the fence, within the corral, sunbeams brushing across my face, yellow hay soaking into the drying up mud from the rain yesterday; listening to voices of the people around Dan, and Dan the horse; another horse I don't know hi...

The Crazy Worm [Chapter 2 & 3/The Curse of the Abyss Worm] (01 Apr 2006)

Now stay with me for a while longer Anna, and I think you will get the full picture of this entity, or at least, some of it before we get into the letters, journals and diaries that lay ahead: the information I have found for you throughout the wo...

The Creative Journey, The Creative Process (17 Sep 2005)

When people ask me how to paint, I always tell them that it is as important to know when not to work on a painting, as it is to know when to actually paint. For me, painting is as much about listening as it is about doing. I spend a great deal...

The Dad Behind The Doodlebops (01 May 2006)

The Doodlebops are taking two nations by storm. Surely you've heard of them! If you haven't yet, you undoubtedly will soon. They're the hottest new children's show since The Wiggles.

The Doodlebops are DeeDee, Moe and Rooney Doodle--prete...

The Dancers Secret -- A Short Horse Story (13 Mar 2006)

It was sunset. The wind rode on the sharp edges of the mountains dragging the last bit of color away from the darkening hills. In a small cradle of two hills lay a beautiful girl. Her hair was long and soft, and when it touched the wind no other b...

The Dancing Bears of Inuit Art (02 Aug 2005)

Inuit art has been introduced to the non-Arctic world for several decades now and has enjoyed a nice climb in stature as a fine art form. Throughout the years, Inuit stone carvers have changed their artwork a bit as a result of market feedback an...

The Dark Bedroom (17 Feb 2006)

The Dark Bedroom
[1953—St. Paul, Minnesota]

It's hard to forget ones old home, or house, it was on Arch Street in St. Paul, Minnesota, it was: grandpa, mom and my brother Mike (my older brother by two-years: I was six then), along with t...

The Dark Hands of Agaliarept (07 Apr 2006)

You may find this strange, but I will try to explain it the best I can. In July, of 2005, I woke up choking, someone had shut up my breathing cords I was gasping for air, almost died: I did pray on the spot. I was sleeping; I had noticed my neck ...

The Dark Hands of Agaliarept: Kamaus Shadow (18 Mar 2006)

The Dark Hands Of Agaliarept

[Kamau's Shadow]

[Advance] It was a while ago that I was in Iceland, on the rock formation, walking by the sea, overlooking the sea that is. I remember it quite well, quite well indeed, how I can forget i...

The Dead Vault (04 Nov 2005)

Buried Alive in the Ohio Mounds

The Dead Vault I


The dynasty XVIII 1570-1293 BC—from the diary of a mound maker, Hesmaglig, from Egypt, Memphis; written in hydrographs, and kept hidden in a vault within a mound in North...

The Devils Fate (Chapter 3, parts I & II of three parts) (25 Feb 2006)

The ongoing chapters of the story: "The Carverous Planets," CHAPTER #3, parts I & II


A Devil's Fate

People don't choose their fears—

Their jealousies, envies and hates They do.

The Princess

Part I


The Difference Between Wool Wax and Bayberry Wax (28 Mar 2006)

Ever wonder about the different types of waxes? For instance what is used to make crayons, automotive wax, candles or surfboard wax? Well there are many different types of waxes, let's discuss two of the most popular types.

Bayberry wax, whi...

The Dog Face Demon [Revised/9/2005] (03 May 2006)

It has been said, and documented, to my understanding, but I didn't know at the time, there is a demon called The Dog Demon, once seen in the ancient land of Mesopotamia. Well, my dear friends, (whoever may be reading this), he is well and alive h...

The Drumming of the Woodpecker & Faded Over-halls (26 Oct 2005)

When I was but fifteen-years old, my grandfather was a good, if not great hunter, a sportsman one might say, something I never quite acquire a taste for. That was around around l956, I suppose, take or give a little, a year here a year there. Now...

The English Were Always Philistines, Sir Roy! (03 Dec 2005)

Sir Roy Strong, the eminent English historian and former director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, has ridiculed the television programme 'I'm a celebrity… Get me out of Here!' in a recent article in 'The Daily Mail'.

"It made we...

The Enigma of a Movie Poster (19 Aug 2005)

Have you ever noticed how movie posters make heads turn, especially when they are not displayed at a movie theater? Do you feel that movie posters somehow connect you to a certain period of your life when that movie was shown in the theaters?


The Fable of Big Chest: The Assemblage (Part Two; Chaper one) (12 Jan 2006)

The Assemblage

Prelude to the past: there was a polar shift taking place in the Hudson Bay area, whereas, this area was not seeing any night at all and on the other side of the world it was not seeing any day: although there was what one mi...

The Fable of: Big Chest [The Advance] (31 Oct 2005)


[The Continuing Saga of: 'After Eve,' Part Two]

A note about this story and book: This book has two parts or sections to it: the first being: 'Before Eve,' which is in essence, a poetic epoch, of how things were before the adv...

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