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The Paper Pickers of Buenos Aires [Non-fiction] (31 Aug 2005)

I arrived in Buenos Aries four days ago and my first reaction to the paper pickers, as I call them now, was 'b…ee careful ….—'It was the same reaction a women on an elevator in our hotel, who had just arrived said she had; our hotel was right off ...

The Paradox of Sarah Kane (30 Apr 2006)

There are some who believe that the world lost one of its finest late 20th century dramatists when Sarah Kane committed suicide in 1999. Her work produced extreme reactions in critics and audiences alike but many failed to appreciate the pure poet...

The Parasite, from Moiromma [#9 to The Cadaverous Planets] SF (05 Feb 2006)

For every effect there is a source; and who shall have the right to possess it? It is a good question.

And to kill a killer, you must be a more sever killer, or be killed.

The Mosquito of Malaria

And so it may be asked by healers...

The Peculiar Case of: Thomas Mannings Justice [Part two of two parts] (04 Dec 2005)

Garbage Pit

Thomas Manning now lay face down in the back ally with the garbage. If anything, whom ever knocked on the door, did it just in time, surely them pool sticks were to be used should that knock on that door not have occurred; it wou...

The Peculiar Case of: Thomas Mannings Justice [part one of two parts] (26 Mar 2006)

[1980] Thomas Manning, his hands stuck in his sport jacket pockets, walked at a steady pace along the sidewalk, gawking here and there intriguingly. Nineteen years had passed since he had walked these streets, and everything looked a bit out of ...

The Pia Zadora/Rondo Hatton Connection (18 Mar 2006)

There's an online Degrees of Kevin Bacon calculator run from the University of Virginia at that uses the definitive Internet Movie Database (at Craig Fass, Mike Ginelli, and Brian Turtle originally conceived the game a...

The Pitt-Jolie-Aniston Debate – A Tale of Two Tees - Who Sides With Whom and Why (15 Sep 2005)

The debate continues over the exact nature of the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and what role their "friendship" played in the collapse of Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston. As women choose sides, th...

The Plane from Iquitos [Part Three] (27 Aug 2005)

The Plane from Iquitos
Part Three [a month later, l959]

Captain Derry and the Pink Dolphins

Evil Eye

[Interlude] Things can get mysterious, if not down right sinister for lack of a better word, in the chaotic waters of the A...

The Plane from Iquitos [Part Two] (23 Mar 2006)

The Plane from Iquitos
Part Two

The Ritual of Chief Evil-Eye

Captain Derry and the others had headed into the thick of the jungle, had no idea what had happened to the old soldiers, and his followers, that being: the old soldier hi...

The Planet Nrutas [The Lyrist and the Princess] Reedited/2006 (05 Oct 2005)

The Planet Nrutas [The Lyrist and the Princess]

Advance: this is a very strange planet indeed, it is just outside our solar system, beyond it, that is, beyond even the planet known as Moiromma, and Ice Cap—(an Asteroid planet) and beyond C...

The Plight of the Motion Picture: Can Those in Power Turn Back from the Dark Path of Oblivion? (15 Aug 2005)

The character of the motion picture has changed drastically within the last 10 years, and the results of this shift has been both dramatic and devastating to the industry. No longer does the industry throw its marketing weight behind creativity ...

The Poets Effect and Dilemma [Frost, Faulkner, Ginsberg] (26 Apr 2006)

Robert Frost, Nobel Prize winner, went to his home in New Hampshire: walked his famous Mending Wall, right into the woods beyond his house, in the back.

A Poet friend of mine, well educated, and can spell better than I, and is from Europe, a...

The Porch [1960] (02 Oct 2005)

The Porch
[St. Paul, Minnesota; 1960]

"I cleaned under the porch, grandpa, as you said; you said yu'd pay me four-dollars…z? I cleaned it all this morning."

"Yu dats god dn aldedy yaw…!"

He stood looking at me, kind of stari...

The Portrait of: Mr. Augusto S. Moaio [A Science Fiction Short Story] (24 Mar 2006)

The Portrait of: Mr. Augusto S. Moaio

The Mu-man

"The Mu-men, how did they get here?" asked Professor Eceptico-Espirtu, of the University of Lima (in Peru).

"How do you think," said a youthful student named: Augusto S. Moaio, a w...

The Promise Prepares to Open for It’s 17th Season on June 3, 2005 (07 Oct 2005)

In 2005, The Promise will be celebrating its 17th Season at The Texas Amphitheater in Glen Rose, TX with 40 scheduled performances on Friday and Saturday evenings starting June 3rd and continuing through October 29th. This season, The Promise is s...

The Rape of Monterey (14 Mar 2006)

David Jack left Crieff, Scotland, in 1841 to lessen the burden on his widowed mother. He worked for an army contractor in Williamsburg, Virginia, for a period, then read a letter in the New York Herald that changed his future.

The letter de...

The Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders (25 Aug 2005)

He adjusted his long hair inside his red bandana and straightened his knap-sack out before heading from his overnight encampment in the jungle's lush cover to make his way towards Kukulcana on the Pacific Ocean coast. It had been another adventuro...

The Right Time (07 Feb 2006)

Marianne's fourth grade teacher walked with a limp. Some unfortunate accident took all of her toes on her left foot making walking difficult. Some students made fun of her behind her back and stared at her foot unmercifully. But she was a wonde...

The Runway--of Terror [911/notes from a Diary] (25 Feb 2006)

[The Runway-notes from a diary, and letter] We were on the runway at the St. Paul [MSP] International Air Port ready to take off on the 11th of September, flight DL 1001/8:30 AM. We were waiting for the go ahead, and at 8:36 AM, we got news that ...

The Saga of Amberlin: Chapter 2 (10 Sep 2005)

THE GODDESS RETURNS - The SAGA OF AMBERLIN Continues. In this next year it is my intention to complete my next 'visionary novel,' the story of Amberlin, the first 'fully enlightened being' who comes to Earth in a female's body.

I invite your...

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