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Beowulf, an Epic Story of a Leader in Early English Literature (02 Apr 2006)

Beowulf displays the qualities of a good leader that were mentioned in the speech given by Hrothgar. The speech speaking of the vices and virtues of great political leaders contains many of the same qualities that Beowulf embodies. His boastfuln...

Best Pillow (10 Oct 2005)

How to pick the best pillow for You!

Which pillow is right for you? The answer is usually a combination of various factors such as your:

- Sleep habits (side-sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper)
- Age and the health o...

Better Business Bureau; Is it worth another look (15 Mar 2006)

Better Business Bureau Fraudulent Sales Practices

Have any other small businesses had a problem with the BBB and there sales practices? We have for quite some time. Our franchisees, (our company is a mobile car wash franchise company) are r...

Big Bird Goes Global (25 Nov 2005)

Big, yet small. Sesame Workshop is a dichotomy, but this dichotomy is most likely a key ingredient of Sesame Workshop's success. According to Dr. Greene, Director of Global Outreach for Sesame Workshop and member of the KIDS FIRST!® team since 199...

Big Chest (Completion of Chapter Two, The Follower Plus #3) (12 Oct 2005)

As they walked several days north, they noticed a shadow following them, and as Big-chest hid behind some rocks with Pekingg-girl, he jumped out of the bushes to attack the stranger, only to find it was Stern-toes. Thus, standing there for moment...

Big Chest and the Lion (18 Feb 2006)

'Big Chest and the Lion' [Prelude to After Eve II: Big Chest]

By Dennis L. Siluk

The Man-eaters, as they were known, otherwise called the lions, jaguars, tigers of the ancient days, were not much different than, the new breed, so named...

Big Pig [1957--summer] (04 Oct 2005)

[1957—summer] It was a bad year for Mike Russet, and his father; he had gotten cancer, and died. I hadn't' known anyone to have died up to this point, it was my first encounter, experience with the face of death, my very first look at death; that ...

Birthstone Origins: Stranger than Fiction (20 Sep 2005)

In the Old Testament, the book of Exodus tells the story of the Breastplate of Aaron, used in religious ceremonies. (Aaron…just in case you were absent from Sunday school that day…was the Biblical figure who performed, at Moses' direction, the mi...

Black Bubble [Part One] (15 Mar 2006)

Black Bubble
[The Dread of the Yukon]

The Decision
And the Journey

The Witch Speaketh:

Once witches danced
To plenilunal magic
With weak souls to molest—;
Ah! Yes—way back when?
When—witches robbed m...

Black Bubble [Part Two] (07 Aug 2005)

[Part Two: Black Bubble]

Reaching land
And the

Fate beckoned Lowell McWilliams, one might say, for on the cold desert like sheet of ice came echoes sliding to his ears, echoes from a Polar Eskimo, in this geographical isolate...

Black Terror; Journal Notes of Buer the Demon [#10 to the Cadaverous Planets] (04 Nov 2005)

[Part two of two parts: From the story, Gusoyn, in the Prison House for Demon]

[Journal Notes of Buer] The lower cells in the Prison House for Demon, some several floors below Gusoyn's cell were that of an awful stench of burning air an...

Bless em All (09 Feb 2006)

It happened almost nightly, just before dark. The whine of sirens pierced the air as a woman and her two daughters gathered up their blankets and pillows and walked quickly to the nearest air raid shelter. Air Raid Wardens would go door to door,...

Blonde Babe Sex Robots (11 Mar 2006)

The Japanese Robotic Researchers and Scientists are far ahead of the American robotic teams when it comes to android type human like robots. In fact the Japanese have created sophisticated artificial intelligence which enables many of their robots...

Blood (23 Dec 2005)

There was blood on the paper and he continued to stare at the cut like it was some form of beauty, a perfect materialistic circle that even Plato would bow his 'crystal-clear' ideas to. He continued to stare at his own red substance, wondering 'wh...

Blown Apart (03 May 2006)

You can never sum up a mans life. My life had evolved and revolved around hate. All that I had was distorted, misunderstood and torn apart by my ambitions.

A little man came towards me holding a sharp needle. I struggle as much as I can, but...

Blunders the Comic Book Industry Brought on Themselves (22 Feb 2006)

What has gone wrong within the comic book industry and can it be fixed? The rape and pillage, in the eyes of some, may have left the comic book industry gasping for life support. It seems that for an industry that has seen so much success, the his...

Boarder Town Melee [Christmas Day-1927] (06 Feb 2006)

Note: the story took place around Christmas time, in 1927, the names of the people and location have been changed, for reasons I'd prefer not to mention: which linger in my family's history.

(The End) Seven Mexicans came to the bridge cross...

Bob Dylan (03 Feb 2006)

1. Crooning Bob, Hidden Muse
2. Masked & Anonymous
3. Robert Allen Zimmerman
4. Elston Gunn
5. A Star Is Born
6. A Legend Mends A Legend
7. Emergence
8. Bringing It All Back Home
9. Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid

Bob Hope Stories (25 Feb 2006)

Once when he was a little boy in England, Leslie Hope (He later renamed himself Bob after a race car driver he idolized) wanted to pick an apple off a tree. Symbolic of his career, he didn't want just any apple but the highest one possible. He los...

Bob Hope Wasnt The Only One Who Used Idiot Cards (11 Dec 2005)

When Bob Hope moved into television, he lost the opportunity to hold his script in his hand , something he had gotten used to working in radio. The presentation would look too stiff to his audience. He tried to memorize his monologues, but that pr...

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