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Dog Breeds : Akita (17 Mar 2006)

Named for a town on the northern Japanese island of Honshu, the Akita was a sporting dog of the noble houses. Each Shogun kept a kennel of the big dogs to hunt deer, bear and boar. It was forbidden to speak to the dogs or about them except in a sp...

Another Free Card Trick (Different From the Rest) (29 Nov 2005)

Here is a another free card trick that requires a bit of preparation and practice. It can be done with a borrowed deck with a little misdirection to perform the flip.


The spectator's chosen card appeared to be different from th...

How To Look For Economical Paintings (01 Aug 2005)

Don't we all love to buy a Virtruvian man by Da Vinci and hang it over the fireplace so our friends can come and ogle at the painting and say that what a fine master piece it is and that you have a definite eye and class for paintings of such high...

Experience Of Commissioning A Portrait (13 Feb 2006)

Every one of us has dozens of photographs that we see only on rare occasions whenever we feel like reminiscing. Some of them are the ones that really cherish the moments, which always stays fresh as memories. But to make it more memorable, imagine...

Framing Oil Painting (09 Nov 2005)

To Preserve and maintain Oil painting for years, some basic care and attention is needed, for that oil painting has to be framed. .The first and foremost step in the care of your painting is eliminating the condition which can cause the damage to ...

Do You Know What A Good Art Is? (29 Jan 2006)

The best and beautiful things in the world cannot be touched or seen but can be felt from the heart, evokes thought, a lingering memory or an idea to the viewer on seeing it. I think that great art triggers emotions. If it doesn't stir something u...

How Safe It Is To Buy Art From An Offshore Internet Shop? (14 Mar 2006)

Safety is a big concern when purchasing anything over the Internet. Everyone gets a bit Jittery when they have to disclose their credit card Information over the Internet. The biggest concern is "IS IT SAFE?" well the answer is a yes and a no. Yes...

Common Themes in African Art (24 Nov 2005)

When a person views African art, several themes seem to come up over and over again. These themes are representations of different things that are significant to African culture; and reveal the importance behind some of its most beautiful art. In ...

Framing your Art – Essential But Neednt Break the Bank (13 Oct 2005)

Framing is an essential part of the art purchase. For works on paper be they photographic prints, water colours, digital prints, etchings et al framing under glass protects your investment and increases its life.

It can also be a very expens...

Tangor: Tuwaqachi (The World Complete, English and Spanish) (01 Mar 2006)

Note: here is a new chapter/episode, number #8, and somewhat connecting to its previous one, episode seven, and again quite small, in the ongoing Voyage of Tangor, part of the Cadaverous Planets.


From episode seven [7]: "Thus, ...

Corn Sugar and Blood and The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia (30 Nov 2005)

Chapter I

"Big Ange" and the Death of the Cleveland Mafia

In 1983, Angelo Lonardo, 72, one-time Cleveland Mafia boss, turned government informant. He shocked family, friends, law enforcement officers and particularly, criminal associ...

A Tip of Hardening the BOX of Pointe Shoes (11 Nov 2005)

Have you ever wondered why ballet pointe shoes get soft after wearing them in pointe class or after many on stage performances? If you ask any ballet dancer she will tell you why. But since you want to know why now, here goes.

Let us begin a...

10 Things You Can Do To Overcome Your Fear To Drawing (27 Feb 2006)

If you have always had the desire of learning how to draw, the only thing from stopping you is yourself and your fears.

Fear of failure is a powerful barrier to overcome before we can achieve our goals. If you want to learn to draw, but are ...

Creating Distance in a Landscape Oil Painting (31 Aug 2005)

Keeping interest in a painting is important. One of the best ways to do this in a landscape painting is to create distance. The first thing to remember is the farther away something is the less detail it will have. also it will be lighter in color...

A Free Magic: You Predict a Card Without Even Touching It. (20 Aug 2005)

This card trick is very impromptu and can be done with a borrowed deck. There is no need to practice and no sleights needed.


You predict a card without even touching the deck.


You hand a whole deck to your sp...

03 The Significance of the Number 3 (05 Apr 2006)

Doe, Ray, Me; what is the significance of the number three? The number three has always been a favorite of humans. The triangle has three sides and is one of the most pleasing shapes to the human mind. We need at least three points for triangulati...

New Orleans: Revelry [a poem and commentary] (13 Oct 2005)

New Orleans: Revelry

I really am flesh and blood—
more than flesh and blood;
perhaps by many now:

a haunted vision in their minds
(after the Great Upheaval, of 2005).
But truly, truly none of this is
answerable for...

Gestalt: Law of Proximity (13 Aug 2005)

The law of proximity is one of four visual perception laws as theorized by gestalt psychologists. Paul Martin Lester, the author of Visual Communication, an expert in the field wrote: "The law of proximity states that the brain more closely associ...

Waiting For That Next Great Southwest Art? (13 May 2006)

Art work takes time to create so here are things to do while watching paint dry. First on the list is to 'clean up your site'. Take the time to take a close look at it and tidy up a bit. Fix your jpeg's, tiff's & gif's and make sure url links matc...

The First Magic Trick Rule To Become A Magician (05 Feb 2006)

Have you ever wondered what the real 'secret' behind all magicians is? How come they are so attractive and keep making us 'envy' with they're awesome skill?

Some magician can make helicopter disappear, some can cut women into two pieces and ...

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