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Top 3 Magic Trick Tips to Performing Magic (17 Feb 2006)

Magic has been around for as long as one can remember. Magic is something that can take people from reality to fantasy. I have been interested in magic since I was just little toddler. I'll never forget the day when I actually thought that my v...

Huaytapallana (White Mountain), Jewell of Huancayo; Now in English and Spanish (23 Jan 2006)

(The Nevados de Huaytapallana ((White Mountain of Snow and Ice))

Dedicated to: Little Daniel (from Huancayo); Sonia and Katee (from Huaytapallana)

Nevados de Huaytapallana (Whita-Payana)

Remote, the roads, lakes and valleys:


Three Little Girls (26 Dec 2005)

The election is over and I'm unhappy with my country and the world right now. It is leaf raking time again. It seems like there are more leaves than ever before. I feel overwhelmed with the chore. The day is mild. The wind storms have bl...

Making a Cartoon Baby (13 Dec 2005)

So you want to draw a cartoon baby, do you? Well, let me show you how. The process is simple. First, create a rough sketch. Next, draw in some details. Third, clean up the draft and finally color it in. Sound simple. Well, it is. If you have any k...

Inuyasha - Son of a Demon Dog (22 Jan 2006)



Here's the lowdown, "Inuyasha" is the story of a 15 year ...

A Threat in Huancayos Plaza De Armas (17 May 2006)

"Whats the matter?" I say, "Im holding this guy named Italo, back from Ximena. She has a knife hidden behind her. He tried to circle her, go around her. I was holding him, held him back, then I released him to face the woman, I didnt know eith...

LOST Fans Confounded by New Mystery (25 Mar 2006)

The otherwise unremarkable Steven Spielberg Film A.I. will long be remembered for spawning the first tremendously popular Alternative Reality Game. Typing an odd credit from the film's poster into Google lead users to a Web site which served as th...

Tracing The Footprints Of Documentary Film Making (13 Aug 2005)

"In feature films director is God; in documentary films God is the director".

An art form which has over a hundred years depicted the serendipitous romanticism, surrealism and activism of the journey of life. Extreme naturalism is the key; t...

Death in the Midwest (03 Mar 2006)

He met her in St. Paul, Minnesota, they both worked at the stockyards in South Saint Paul, Minnesota (Swifts Meat Packing Plant), he (he: being Earnist) and She Elsie. The moment perhaps was right, she took busses to get to work, he had a car, and...

Blunders the Comic Book Industry Brought on Themselves (22 Feb 2006)

What has gone wrong within the comic book industry and can it be fixed? The rape and pillage, in the eyes of some, may have left the comic book industry gasping for life support. It seems that for an industry that has seen so much success, the his...

The Changing Face of Women In Indian Cinema (25 Dec 2005)

In its awe-inspiring journey of nearly hundred years, the Indian film Industry, consisting mainly of the 'star-struck' "Bollywood", and also of myriad regional films, has been witness to a sea-change in the presentation of the female protagonist. ...

Creating Texture in Watercolor Paintings (03 Aug 2005)

Creating Texture

This is the best part of creating a painting for me. I've learned to see beyond the preliminary washes that start to give shape to a painting and look forward to what can be done with texturing. Sometimes those first washes ...

Dukes of Hazzard (25 Feb 2006)

CAR 229

Bless em All (09 Feb 2006)

It happened almost nightly, just before dark. The whine of sirens pierced the air as a woman and her two daughters gathered up their blankets and pillows and walked quickly to the nearest air raid shelter. Air Raid Wardens would go door to door,...

The Dancing Bears of Inuit Art (02 Aug 2005)

Inuit art has been introduced to the non-Arctic world for several decades now and has enjoyed a nice climb in stature as a fine art form. Throughout the years, Inuit stone carvers have changed their artwork a bit as a result of market feedback an...

CNNs Number One Cities of the World Biased in English and Spanish (28 Dec 2005)

Out of five cities CNN claimes to be the best cities in the world to live, Ive been in four. One city in Switzerland, and three in Germany. Ive lived in Germany for four years, and Ive been in Switzerland, Zurich, one of the five cities or #2....

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night (15 Nov 2005)

All through the town the winds howled and the rains came down in torrents as the storm pushed through the tiny village with unrelenting and unrestrained fury. Moments earlier, what had been an eerie calm, gave way to a sudden deluge and a rapid pi...

Framed Art the Inexpensive Way (14 Jan 2006)

Framed art needn't cost the earth. In fact framed artworks can be very inexpensive way when you allow yourself to reconsider exactly what constitutes a frame and, indeed what determines art.

First of all, one must reconsider the nature of ar...

Transformation of the Fantasy Protagonist (16 Sep 2005)

I'll admit that I've been a long-time fan of "Conan" - especially the original Robert E. Howard stories. Conan is the archetypal strongman, hacking his way through a brutal milieu predating civilization. He possesses prowess sufficient to vanquish...

Nude Hottie Blonde, Brunette, or Red Head Sex Robots (15 Jan 2006)

Both the countries in the European Union and Asia are putting over ten times the development monies in research and development that the United States is into Robotics. The Japanese Automakers are far ahead of their US counterparts at General Moto...

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