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Blonde Babe Sex Robots (11 Mar 2006)

The Japanese Robotic Researchers and Scientists are far ahead of the American robotic teams when it comes to android type human like robots. In fact the Japanese have created sophisticated artificial intelligence which enables many of their robots...

Ballet Shoes (31 Oct 2005)

Many historians list dance as the oldest of the human art forms. Since dance consists of structured movement, usually set to rhythmic music, it is a good representation of simple joy through physical movement among human creatures.


Under the Algarrobo Tree (11 Aug 2005)

They're going to bury me under that Algarrobo Tree
(in Huancayo, Peru)
Put flowers on top of me
Pray over me...!
Cut the grass around me.
How about a fence—?
So I can rest in peace...

And write my poetry!...


The Amuc, and Inca Hydra (The Second Adventure; Now in English and Spanish) (29 Oct 2005)

(A short Story, Dedicated to Joseito Arrieta from Radio Station 91.7 "Super Latina" in Huancayo)

Forward: When Gilmore Anquist disappeared, no one knew quite where to start looking for him. That was a almost three decade ago. I knew him quit...

Tales of the Amuc (In the Mines of the Andes) (10 May 2006)

Tales of the Amuc (In the Mines of the Andes)

Introduction: as often as I have said: I try not to do introductions to poems, I incontinue to violate my own advise; thus, comes the exceptions to the rule, and in looking at the legends or tal...

Screenwriting Essential(s): Heros Journey and No Going Back (14 May 2006)

The Hero's Journey is the template upon which the vast majority of successful stories and Hollywood blockbusters are based upon - understanding this template is a priority for story or screenwriters.

The Hero's Journey:

· Attempts to t...

The Singing Butler Revisited - Vettriano (03 Oct 2005)

What's with the general antipathy towards Jack Vettriano? He doesn't have to be your friend and he's certainly not mine but for a self taught guy you have to admire the intrinsic quality of his art. Yet he is consistently derided by the art establ...

Fatal Accident (2) (08 Jan 2006)

The Quartz grandfather wall clock chimed 10 o'clock as sergeant Ken walked to his desk from the toilet. Ken was thirty-two years old, married with two kids. He was short and thickset; he had big eyes, broad nose and an equally wide mouth. He looke...

Campeche Flood and Things to Come from Hurricane Wilma (07 Feb 2006)

Flooding in the areas of Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche is showing us all how small we are against the new type of Super Storms we maybe facing in the future. Hurricane Stan was a small category Hurricane which caused over 3500 deaths to flood...

Sales Force Nirvana is Really About Balance (09 Jan 2006)

"A" players understand balance - they understand that the most important contributor to their success besides relationship equity with their customers is time allocation. That warrants repeating -- time allocation - and remember the currency to ru...

Trading Spaces (05 Oct 2005)

Do It Yourself And We'll Watch
The Voodoo That You Do
Houston, While You Were Out, There Was A Problem
Braiding Laces
What The Hell Are They Wearing?
Cutie And The Gang
Make 'Em Laugh, Scream Or Cry
Genevieve's Big Pics...

Tootsie Roll - Hey, Tootsie! (15 Sep 2005)



Tootsie Rolls are clas...

Adult Swim - You Must Be This High To Ride This Ride (29 Oct 2005)

1. You Must Be This High To Ride This Ride
2. There's No "P" In Pool
3. Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law
4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
5. Sealab 2021
6. Brak Show
7. English Channel Swim
8. Bobby G. Can't Swim

1. Y...

Finding the Right Words (04 Mar 2006)

Finding the right word to express an idea or an emotion has always been the writer's nemesis. Seldom does the word chosen seem right.

To chose the right word the writer must be convinced of his or her own feelings. Unless the writer is sure ...

Be a Web Professional: Get a Real Email Address (05 Sep 2005)

Ever thought about the message your email address sends to outsiders? If you're interested in growing a business on the web, it's one of the first things you should "fix" about your current image. This is so elementary, I cannot even believe I'm w...

Already Dead (a Short Story) (16 Aug 2005)

The Room

She is down, down in the China Cabinet; her insides, ashes, that's all that is left of her—wood around her, and her, she´s just ashes, that´s it in a nutshell:

"Over there" —I say and point, point and say, not sure which one ...

How to Contact Any Celebrity - And Get A Great Response! (06 Jan 2006)

* Always include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

When writing celebrities, be sure to always enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). To do this, simply fold an 8 x 10 manila envelope, pre-addressed back to you with the proper po...

Tim Burtons Corpse Bride (26 Nov 2005)

I love Tim Burton. He has the best imagination and is one of the most creative, and talented directors working today. Rarely does he disappoint and the Corpse Bride is no exception. Corpse Bride tells the story of Victor Van Dort (voice of John...

The Nine Squared Enigma That is Sudoku (13 Nov 2005)

For millennia people has been drawn to things that vexed their minds. Riddles, word and number puzzles - if they involved intense thought they have been adored. The 1970's saw the widespread love (perhaps for some love-hate) relationship with a si...

Spellbinding Fourth Potter Movie Set to Open in November (09 Aug 2005)

The Harry Potter phenomenon has become a global obsession the likes of which have not been seen around a series of children's books since the writings of J.R.R Tolkien first sprang to life. Millions upon millions of each and every one of J.K. Rowl...

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