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HD Radio Technology -- the Next Big Thing in Sound (16 May 2006)

The next big thing in sound is here and it's called HD Radio Technology. It's on its way to doing for radio what HDTV has done for television.

HD radio technology has already taken Great Britain and much of Europe by storm and will soon do t...

Heros Journey, Screenwriting, Story Structure – Parts 11 and 12 (of 17) (16 Oct 2005)

The Hero's Journey is the screenwriting template. Screenwriters can use it to write effective screenplays. Below are a few of the elements of each stage of the journey.

The Ultimate Boon. The Ultimate Boon is concerned w...

Facing East [Chapter Four: Rolandes Quest] (23 Mar 2006)

4 Rolande's Quest

The music was getting louder, and the upper part of the guesthouse which was open to the public now, was being filled up with GI's and Germans, some hanging their hands and torsos over the railing looking down below, lookin...

Old Josh: The Funeral (Ozark, Alabama, 1864) [Episode Four] (26 Aug 2005)

Old Josh: The Funeral

[Ozark, Alabama, 1864]
Chapter Episode Four 8/2005]

[Josh and Silas: The funeral] Josh stood by he wooden cross, in the graveyard Jordan, his cousin, who had fought with the Yankees, had come home—Josh and hi...

INVASION: It is Science Fiction at It’s Best! (18 Oct 2005)

Back in the mid 1990s, I was presenting a series of UFO seminars all across North America. As part of the promotion process, I was booked as a guest on a number of top-rated talk and music radio programs in each town. While I was in Texas, one of...

So Today – The Rising Fame of Hilary Duff (21 Feb 2006)

It's undeniable - if you had never seen Hilary Duff before in your life her beautiful face would instantly sweep you up. With pearlescent eyes that never quite seem the same colour in any two pictures, and a face that screams both girl next door a...

Behind The Tarot - The Lovers (19 Jan 2006)

Card number six of the Major Arcana, The Lovers stands as a unique example of deeper meanings. One of the few cards in the deck often disputed over, The Lovers is symbology at its best, the more dense roots of divination becoming clear only to th...

Old Josh: Chatting in the Barn ((Ozark, Alabama, 1864) Episode Three) (12 Feb 2006)

Chapter Three

Old Josh: Chatting in the Barn
[Ozark, Alabama, 1864]
Chapter Episode Three 8/15/05

"Wor!" he says, 'we is at wor," said Old Josh, in earnest.

But Toby paid little attention to his papa, it was as if he felt...

Curse of the Abyss Worm [Chapters 21 & 22] (12 Feb 2006)


The Mirror and the Ring


Curiosity, Sally woke up as she rolled out of bed, walking to the main room in the hotel suite—. The old gentleman [Thomas] was having coffee by himself sitting at the dinning room table. Sh...

Revenge of the Tiamat [Chapter One] (31 Dec 2005)

Revenge of the Tiamat [6,820 BC]

Chapter One

Sinned at home, on leave from the Army

In the State of Dreaming
[The Camel Market]

Outside of the ancient city of Heliopolis, otherwise known as the: "City of the Sun," in Eg...

The Tiamat and the King [last Half to Chapter 5 of 6 Chapters] (01 Aug 2005)

The Shinning Ones

As the Sinning Ones appear at the request of the Tiamat (of which three out of the seven came), the Tiamat appeared to greeted them at the gates of Yort. As the Adversary looked from the tower within his Temple, by where ...

Facing East [Chapter #3] (13 May 2006)


The Guest House

The guesthouse always looked alive, or maybe it was me as I approached it. I read the name as always, over the doorway, the heart of the inn: 'The Lions Den,' den—I liked the tone to that, I liked that word, back home...

Lost in Silence (Final Chapter ((#30)) In: The Cadaverous Planets) (03 Feb 2006)

Lost in Silence [Final Chapter in: "The Cadaverous Planets"]

Chapter Thirty [30/ and Advance to Chapter 1-6 of SSARG]

[Jokaneen: on Rotma, SSARG's planetoid like moon.] "When my daughter Siren left Moiromma, to SSARG, I was sure our t...

Give Us Free Yoga (28 Mar 2006)

Can you find good quality Yoga classes for free? Sometimes you can, and many introductory Yoga class packages are free, or priced, so low, that they might as well be. Some students of Yoga jump, from studio to studio, like grasshoppers. These Y...

The Dog Face Demon [Revised/9/2005] (03 May 2006)

It has been said, and documented, to my understanding, but I didn't know at the time, there is a demon called The Dog Demon, once seen in the ancient land of Mesopotamia. Well, my dear friends, (whoever may be reading this), he is well and alive h...

Disney & Pixar - Can Pixar Wag The Dog? (07 Apr 2006)

Anyone who has ever been in a position of power will tell you that those who are not always think they can "wag the dog".

For those of you who don't know what the term "wag the dog" means here's a definition. A dog has a tail. The dog, being...

Giclee Frequently Asked Questions (18 Sep 2005)

Giclee paintings have given the ability for artists to reproduce their original paintings with extreme high quality and reach out to a broader audience with the same piece. Each piece is printed in limited edition so as to not de-value the reprodu...

What Are Giclee Paintings? (06 May 2006)

Giclee (zhee-klay) - The French word "giclée" is a feminine noun that means a spray or a spurt of liquid. The word may have been derived from the French verb "gicler" meaning "to squirt".

The term "giclee print" denotes an elevation in print...

Eight Poems: Two on Minnesota [one: Beer on a Cockroach, etc.] (10 Feb 2006)

1) Winter in Minnesota

In the chilled—evenings, of December,
Inside my warm home, warm night,
I hear the winds and trees chatter;
The day has come and gone—complete.
Northern-lights are over head:
I say my prayers and go ...

The Tiamat and the King (Chapter 5: The New Order (1/2 Chapter)) (30 Aug 2005)

The New Order

At this time, that being shortly after the takeover of the Ram's body by the Tiamat, while in Yort, the King does the bidding for Lucifer, and one might say, the Tiamat. For the most part, he is no more than a puppet, a figure...

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