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Chosen for You [An, In-love Poem] (22 Mar 2006)

Chosen for You
[An, in-love poem]

Part One

When I move
When I am by you
I find in each move
Your eyes seeking me
As if love made you of magic
And put you in my hands—

No missing parts
No hollow endsPlanet SSARG—The Bear Cliffs [Chapter #5] (01 Apr 2006)

Part Five of Nineteen [See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG—The Bear Cliffs [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

As Siren climbed the cliffs, step by step, the moans and howls for the the snakes and rats bellowed at her, echoed up to her...

Curse of the Abyss Worm (Chapter 18: Genealogy) (02 Feb 2006)



[Dick Earnest is now sitting in his office going through the genealogy of the families involved with Anna Viper and recording it for Anna.]

"Dear Anna, on this 18th tape I am writing you, that is I mean, telling you,...

Writing Off the Cliff (01 Sep 2005)

Hemingway used short sentences to get his effect and Faulkner used long sentences to get his: both copied Sherwood Anderson, and Hemingway, to a certain degree copied F. Scott Fitzgerald. Some say this is foolish; yet, Fitzgerald had a number of ...

Best Pillow (10 Oct 2005)

How to pick the best pillow for You!

Which pillow is right for you? The answer is usually a combination of various factors such as your:

- Sleep habits (side-sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper)
- Age and the health o...

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter: Abilene-Lorato (14 Dec 2005)

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter Abilene-Lorato

Questions plague a man all his life, one being: why was so much of it wasted.

—a rhetorical question at best.

As he rode into Abilene [he being: Arizona Blue], the heat increased on his face...

Heavy Pilots Crashing on My Kingdom (14 Oct 2005)

Heavy pilots crashing on my kingdom, my sorcerers told me. Faerie dragons are plotting a rebellion, as they don't like the piles of metallic junk on their enchanted grounds. I knew a pilot some time ago, but my pilot used to never leave his cockpi...

Types of Actors (16 Sep 2005)

All humans are actors to some extent. This sounds Shakespearean but it is very true. Many times we have done what we do not like and many times we begin to like what we are doing. We represent those very feelings on stage or before the camera in t...

Trendy Furniture Can Make Or Break A Room (14 Aug 2005)

Some say that you are what you eat. The same can apply to furniture. You are as cool as your furniture is trendy. The type of furniture you choose, the color, style and look can make or break a room's appeal. But more than that: the furniture you ...

Heros Journey – Part 1 and 2 (of 17) (21 Mar 2006)

The hero's journey is the screenwriting template. Screenwriters can use it to write effective screenplays. Below are a few of the elements of each stage of the journey.

The Call to Adventure

Hero's True Nature. We ...

Jokaneen--The Other Voice [Episode #29; “The Cadaverous Planets”] (14 Oct 2005)

It was quiet and still, and again it was as though her mind was speaking to her, a house inside her mind, that housed her mother—the house she built in the vaults of Hell, in the tomb she laid in, died in, with, the one she sweat in and with that ...

The Sleep Orchard [a Poem] (11 Apr 2006)

The Sleep Orchard [Poetic Prose]

Oh…! come, come come come, come with me to my sleep orchard, where by the lofty trees, everything is possible—. I dreamt I had been dreaming for a hundred years, my second life you could say. In dreams I ha...

Curse of the Abyss Worm, J.J. Hill: and the Cradle that Rocks [Chapter #17] (14 Jan 2006)


J.J. Hill: and the Cradle that Rocks

"I can't imagine, just think of owning half of St. Paul, like that rich train industrialist, that lives on Summit Street, JJ Hill, by the Cathedral," said Thomas, one evening in September, as t...

Planet SSARG—The Gathering (Part Four ( Part of The: Cadaverous Planets)) (24 Dec 2005)

Part Four of Nineteen [See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG—The Gathering at: "HegMkog." [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Siren had built a large tree house, reaching from one tree to the other: that is, reaching from those two huge t...

Great Relationship Advice: 6 Step Formula for Intimate Communication (29 Jan 2006)

1. Freedom to honestly disclose feelings

Feelings just are. Feelings are not right or wrong. If you can't share your true and honest feelings, you have to keep secrets. A relationship is as sick as the number of secrets that are kept....

Snakes (20 Jan 2006)

Well, what is there about them you can say that is positive? How can anybody trust a creature that is born without arms or legs and smells with its tongue? Obviously, you can see I dislike snakes! For me, they just don't seem a part of the natu...

From the Desk Of…Stationery Addict (16 Sep 2005)

As a kid, one of my greatest treats was to visit WHSmith in town. Way back in the days before tragedies like little Jamie Bulger being snatched, my Dad would leave me in WHS, under the watchful eye of the friendly security guard while Dad went of...

Organization Is The Key To Maximizing Your Tivo (28 Jan 2006)

Maximize Your TIVO

Isn't Tivo just the greatest invention EVER? I love mine and this article is just some helpful tips I use myself to keep my tivo to the maximum level it can have.

Mine is only a 30 hour unit which I thought would be ...

Planet SSARG—Homeland (Chapter Three: Part of: The Cadaverous Planets) (26 Feb 2006)

Still only partially clothed, and unarmed for the most part of what to do, but with a renewed confidence she examined, Siren examined, the countryside, a thousand snakes surrounded her, but gave distance so she was free to walked any which way she...

Acting Camps: Preparing Your Young Actor or Actress for Industry Success (11 Nov 2005)

Helping your young acting hopeful prepare for a successful acting career can be an incredibly rewarding experience for the parent. All parents like seeing their children being creative, expressing themselves, and, most importantly, having fun....

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