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Closing a Front Tooth Gap (15 Oct 2005)

A lot of people are asking, "How do I close a gap between my front teeth without braces?" A common problem for adults and teens is a front tooth gap. If you have a gap in your teeth you'll be happy to know you don't need braces to close your gap ...

Curse of the Abyss Worm [Chapter 15 and 16] (10 Jan 2006)


The Arrival of Sally

The following Friday, Sally arrived as expected, by way of the train—it would seem that they both had done quite a good job in coordinating their meeting at the train station, for no sooner had Thomas arrived a...

Kenaj— The Old Man of Moiromma [Episode #28; “The Cadaverous Planets”] (18 Mar 2006)

In the plains and frozen frontiers of Moiromma, by the mountains of the far and grayer side of the planet, along the frozen waterways of northern Moiromma, under the weary eyes of Siren, grieving eyes of siren, grieving for the loss of her friends...

Heros Journey – Dances with Wolves (1990) (30 Dec 2005)

Dances with Wolves is another successful story that follows the Hero's Journey template almost by the book. Mirroring the Hero's Journey template allows the screenwriter to write effective screenplays and stories.

1. Hero's strength o...

Will Single Events Improve Your Dating Life? (01 Aug 2005)

As any one in the dating scene well knows, there is an entire cottage industry that sets up and promotes single events. But the question is, are they effective?

Many people who have been dating for over a year have come to the realization th...

The Poets Effect and Dilemma [Frost, Faulkner, Ginsberg] (26 Apr 2006)

Robert Frost, Nobel Prize winner, went to his home in New Hampshire: walked his famous Mending Wall, right into the woods beyond his house, in the back.

A Poet friend of mine, well educated, and can spell better than I, and is from Europe, a...

Weird Ideas in Horror (16 Dec 2005)

Horror movies are like kids in a way. Most are normal, but then there are a few that are just off the wall and insane. Er go, it's only natural that the genre would have a few wacky ideas here and there. So in this article, we will explore those i...

Traditional Chinese Paintings (07 Sep 2005)

The origins of traditional Chinese painting reach far back into China's distant history. Generally speaking, works dating from before the T'ang dynasty (618-907 A.D.) are mainly line drawings of people engaged in various activities; this was the "...

MAKING IT in Film Production! (10 May 2006)

Do you, or do you want to, work on film productions? If you want to expand in your career in film, this article will help you make it!

Why aren't there more Film Directors making films. Props Masters, Sound Mixers, Costume Supervisors, Key G...

Sjorfaa! Sjorfaa! [Final Chapter: #5] (10 May 2006)


The Igloo

Now I must say, should say, better say—while time allows, what I have to say, or should I complete what I was about to say, it's all the same, what I was about to say was: as I find myself in this igloo, like my father did ...

Curse of the Abyss Worm [Chapters 13 & 14] (17 Sep 2005)


The Father

[Dick Earnest's concluding thoughts as he calls Anna Viper up on the phone to simply go through them].

[The phone rings] "Anna speaking… [Pause]…hello?"

"Anna, this is Dick Earnest, and I've been putting tog...

Look at Me (Final Chapter #12 (The Woods in The River)) (01 Oct 2005)


The Woods in the River

Günter wasn't really going anyplace, anyplace soon, no place to speak of, as he moved within the water—and the water moved him, here and there: around this and around that; barely moving, hardly moving at all,...

The Big Maybe and God Said and Birds Applles and Kisses: Poems (10 Nov 2005)

The Big Maybe

The best word I've ever heard

was—maybe! Maybe: is what man really lives

by—. A 'yes,' beforehand, is seldom

known… A maybe, is a story untold.

Thus, I cannot say 'yes,' then.

And to be quite frank...

Curse of the Abyss Worm [Chapters: 10,11, and 12 ] (27 Jan 2006)


Thoughts of Dick Earnest

(Earnest is fatigued, as he stumbles trying to catch his breath, and turns off the tape player for a moment to think in his office. He laughs and takes a drink of whisky.)

[Earnest thinking out loud] ...

Curse of the Abyss Worm (Chapters 8 and 9) (29 Jan 2006)


The Noddoc Family New Orleans & Sally

New Orleans October 21, 1866 (Letter)

From: The Master Leader of the "77-Days Cult [Sect]"

I write to you Ms Elsie Noddoc on behalf of Vii the Demon, whose fierce gaze burned both yo...

Sjorfaa! Sjorfaa! [The Great Hunt: Chapter #4] (25 Nov 2005)


The Great Hunt

Gigantic-a, that is what I should call you: —the Great Tibetan Grizzly, or should it be the Great One? —all thirteen feet of yor-height, standing erect. Will people call me 'Tipi, the Great?' I sense you are all of 17...

Sjorfaa! Sjorfaa! (Chapter #3 ((of 5 Chapters)) (22 Jan 2006)


The Nature of Things

I am the greatest hunter of all the Northland. Who has been to Melville Bay, and all the way over to Point Barrow? I have a friend Makpo, he is old now, but he lives there: people's lives—their real lives, all ...

Sjorfaa! Sjorfaa! (Chapter 1 and 2 ((of Five Chapters Total)) (20 Mar 2006)

The Long Solitary Journey of Tipi and Ursus arctos: The Great Tibetan Grizzly

Sjorfaa! Sjorfaa!,

Every time I kill a bear I morn, I don't really count the days, but no more than two, sometimes one, it is not a show of regret, the rea...

The Apprentice Season 4: More Class, Less Profanity (15 Aug 2005)

Ah, the Fall TV season is on it's way... being more of a TV than movie watcher I'll have more to write about once again.

Season 4 of The Apprentice will soon be upon us, and in view of last seasons lower ratings, Donald Trump has de...

The Tiamat and the King (Chapter #4) (05 Mar 2006)

The Short Tale/Book: Four [The unfinished story—Last Tale of the Tiamat Now completed after four years]

The Tiamat and the King

By Dennis L. Siluk


The Conclusion of the Tiamat Tales

4 The Shinning One

The kin...

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