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Fortune -Telling With Ordinary Poker Cards (06 Oct 2005)

With the recent upsurge in the popularity of poker, most of us have a deck or two of playing cards lying around the house. The next time the poker party ends, why not have a little fun and test out your fortune-telling abilities?


Look at Me [Chapters: 9,10, and 11] (12 Sep 2005)


Catching Up

As the storm was penetrating the atmosphere with its shifting, jeering and driving winds: —blowing everything about around inside out and on top of trees city lamplights, the city, the daughter now was but fifty-yards of ...

Look at Me [Chapter #8] (21 Sep 2005)


The strength

Rain II Second Hour

His solar-plexus were sore, there was no cure for its comfort, he knew that, and the ongoing, oncoming chills, chills that reached into the marrow of his bones changed the pigment of his skin, i...

Curse of the Abyss Worm [Chaper #7] (19 Mar 2006)

The Diaries, Letters, Journals and Notes


[Dick Earnest—recording on the tape for Anna] By the united aid of these accounts I am about to read to you (letters, diaries, journals, notes and so on) it is made possible to say, optimist...

Planet SSARG--The Snakes ((Part Two))The Cadaverous Planets) (01 Oct 2005)

Part Two of Nineteen [See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG—the Snakes [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Possibly she emitted some kind of hidden strength—if not second sight (she knew when danger was and was not prominent; and all her...

6 Simple Steps to Becoming A HOT Guitar Player! (10 May 2006)

Learning how to play guitar well is not easy. There are so many methods and so many conflicting opinions, it makes it difficult to know what to do.

But the simple fact is, if you want to be the best you can, as soon as you can, then all you ...

Showtimes Masters of Horror (10 May 2006)

So here we were,us horror fans just going about our daily lives and seeing our genre very rarely represented on television.When all of a sudden "Masters of Horror" was announced.When it was first announced,we only knew a few things.Mainly that it ...

NBCs Surface (05 Jan 2006)

To say that NBC has kept their upcoming fall SCI-FI show "Surface" mostly under wraps would be an understatement.Theirs barely any information available pertaining to the shows overall plot and the mysterious ads that pop up on television have bee...

Fed Up With FM - Podcasting (02 Apr 2006)

If you are fed up with listening to your local FM station and the mass of inane adverts that punctuate each show, or, if you crave interesting spoken word programmes that are written and presented by excited, knowledgeable enthusiasts, then Adam C...

Where is The Live Music in The North Costa Blanca? (03 Jan 2006)

Live Music - we all love it in one form or another - whether a classical orchestral concert or a Rock concert in a football stadium or somewhere in between, nothing quite gets the juices flowing than hearing your favourite song played live. If yo...

Acting Scams (11 Oct 2005)

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

That phrase, in the acting industry, is worth more than a $20 million-dollar, big-budget film contract. If you haven't experienced a scam yet, you soon will! There is almost no place like t...

Art and the Artiste (06 Oct 2005)

Art is expression and the artiste is one gifted with the ability to express but expression is not confined to the ability of the artiste. It is the need of man to express and be understood that has brought about communication protocol like gesture...

Planet SSARG--Plant of Grass (Part 1 of 19 The Cadaverous Planets) (25 Jan 2006)

Part One of Nineteen [See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG—Planet of Grass [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Outside of the Milky Way, beyond Moiromma, and Ice Cap, is a planet the size of earth, with a large moon that seems to guard, ...

Curse The Abyss Worm [Chapters 5 and 6] (05 Aug 2005)


At the Garden of Eden, Snakes had Legs

I did mention before—in the first tape—snakes did have legs at onetime, did I not? And so what we see is when God gets mad, he gets real mad, and in one case, took His anger out on the snakes as...

Look at Me, [Chapter 6 Ephemeral] (15 Apr 2006)


Ephemeral [Hurricane]

Whoever heard of a hurricane on the Mississippi? But that is what the old man called it, was fighting— '…this is a hurricane of a storm', he garbled. Nothing would ever be the same again, he told himself, noth...

When You Build Your Audio Mix, Build a House! (04 Jan 2006)

Almost all engineers approach their mixes differently. I like to think of my mix, from the very first track all the way to the mastering stage, as a house.

The first thing you need when building a house is a good foundation. Your low end s...

Impalpable Katrina [Poetic Prose] (02 Apr 2006)

There are sometimes, some things the mind refuses to accept; the mind says: it cannot be so, but it is so—: the senses refuse to adjust, like the stomach vomits up, for it refuses also. Digestion cannot compass, neither the mind; such are these oc...

Filmmaking - Five Good Producer Skills (16 Jan 2006)

You may believe a thorough knowledge of filmmaking and the entertainment industry is enough to make you a good movie producer. While it certainly helps to know the nuts and bolts of movie production, and even the details of financing and market...

Agaliaraepts Gate [Chapter 14/ Part II The Cadaverous Planets] (10 Oct 2005)


Agaliarept's Gate

[Part II]

There are things more powerful than Hell and its demons, it's called, self-interest.

[Prior to the battle that was about to take place, Siren had taken her mother's corpse and within a mome...

Operation Shenandoah (30 Mar 2006)

Operation Shenandoah [A Deadly Plot along world Obelisks]

[February 23, 2006—conspiracy: 'Operation: Obelisk-Tree']

We had worked two years on this operation [action] and it was named: 'Operation, Obelisk-Tree' (and someone el...

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