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Shadows in the Wild [Part Two of Two Parts] (30 Sep 2005)

Part Two of Two

[The Deck]

On the deck of the porch the stranger with the red flannel shirt is standing looking at the truck. Amery and Skip get out of the truck, Skip getting out the same side by Amery, not trusting his side, think a...

Shadows in the Wild ((Part One of Two Parts)) Short Story) (29 Mar 2006)

Part One of Two Parts

Shadows in the Wild [North Beach, Minnesota]

A Suspense Drama in the Shadows of Minnesota In the Great Lakes Area

By Dennis L. Siluk

A Screen-play in reading form

Shadow in the Wild [A Poem made ...

The Importance of the Title Tag (06 Jan 2006)

The title of your Web site is arguably one of the most important elements of your Web site. Search engines give title tags a lot of weight in deciding relevancy. The title tag is just as important as your visible text (website content) and inbound...

Patrick Cassidy Named Top Three Dreamcoat Star (19 Oct 2005)

Patrick Cassidy, recently tagged to star in a new Troika-produced U.S. tour of the family-friendly Broadway musical, has been named one of the World's Top Five ranked stars of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

As reported by gues...

Matthew Broderick and Eric McCormack Named Top Stars of The Music Man (04 Apr 2006)

Matthew Broderick and Eric McCormack lead the rankings of top drawing headliners for the musical "The Music Man" compiled by

Rounding out the Top Five ranked performers are television veterans Barry Williams and Gary San...

Shadows of Del Pululanhau [Chapter #17, The Cadaverous Planets] (10 Sep 2005)


Shadows of Del Pululahau

[Diary Entries; and the Lotus Demon]

[Location: At the crater Del Pululahau, 30 kilometers from Quito-Ecuador, by what is known as: The Middle of the World]

Entry—4/2004. To whomever is readi...

Shadow of the Crater & The Lotus Demon [Chapters 15 & 16 The Cadaverous Planets] (20 Feb 2006)


Shadow of the Crater

[Planet Mercury]

Asteroid Hit [Planet Mercury]

Sometimes we're in the mouth of the whale— and still other times we are running from the lion; seldom are we in the jungle undisturbed; thus, when it ...

Music Downloads – Where To Find Your Tunes (10 Aug 2005)

Music sure changes, doesn't it? Not only does music itself change, but how we listen to it changes. People used to sing, drum and dance around campfires in their villages. Maybe someone would perform a solo. That was about it. Music was real time ...

How to Buy Discount Airfare (03 Nov 2005)

Traveling is one of the world's favorite pastimes; however individuals continue to pay too much for airfare. The problem is people have some sort of brand loyalty, frequent flyer miles, or the like which inspires them to call the airline directly ...

Family Paintings (13 Dec 2005)

Do you like to paint? I do, but I'm terrible at it. Well, that's my opinion. My mother always likes my paintings, but that's what mothers are for. My grandmother only painted walls and furniture, as far as I know, but she was always painting one r...

The WBs Supernatural (20 Jan 2006)

When it comes to horror themed or related shows,it's been awhile for the WB."Angel" ended last year,and of course they lost "Buffy" to UPN years ago.Then there was the high hopes they had for "Dark Shadows", an update of the old vampire television...

ABCs Invasion (29 Sep 2005)

Very rarely do horror fans get treated to anything that peaks our interest when the new fall television season lists are released. ABC however is looking to change that,this fall apparently.They're already mulling over whether or not to pick up St...

The Ghoulish Vaults (29 Dec 2005)

Is this a nightmare? Shapes bend, with the wind
Gates lie still: lurk around corners
And foul beings, smell, dead, they lay unseen.

Here, sounds of doom—fill nameless rooms,
Where mysterious manuscripts—:
Dare, to tell the d...

E!s New Reality Show Kill Reality (11 Apr 2006)

The E! channel recently debuted their new reality show entitled "Kill Reality".So what does this show have to do with horror in general? Well interestingly enough,the show plays out like MTVs "The Real World".But unlike "The Real World" where the ...

A Beginner’s Guide to Football in Spain (15 May 2006)

Football in Spain, much as it is in England, is undoubtedly the national game with a passion for the sport that can only be matched in a handful of countries around the world. Spain's La Liga (Spain's premier football league for those not i...

Look at Me [Chapter 5: The Red Horse of Shock] (06 Dec 2005)

He told himself, '…old man, now you got to find out what you really got left in you,' so he stood up, pulled with all his will and might, his legs as if they were nailed into the roof, forcing even more pressure on the beams below him: holding fir...

Look at Me [Chapter 4 The Rope] (22 Nov 2005)

His blood, soft tissue and thoughts were all in a heightened mode. He knew the floor she was standing on could vanish at any instant, any second; it was just a matter of time, not if, but when; should a tree or log bump into the hut, it would crac...

Is Nicole Richie Too Skinny? (06 Nov 2005)

There is a great debate going on in Hollywood and everywhere else U.S.A. Celebrities are being scrutinized more than ever. Make that female celebrities:) And in this ever growing fish bowl is the new celebrity target - Nicole Richie.

In ev...

Karate by PowerPoint (08 May 2006)

Imagine that you have been asked to participate in a karate kumite (1:1 combat) competition. Imagine further that you were given only 3 months to prepare. Let's assume that you have only heard of karate but never practiced it in any way.


Curse of the Abyss Worm [Chapters 4 and 5] (16 Aug 2005)


The Flood Rats

(The other side of the tape now is being played.) At the time of the great flood, some scholars have said, around the year 3750 BC; yet others question that date and would rather settle on 7,600 BC, as a good date, ...

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