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Ferocious Centipedes (20 Dec 2005)

As a child I lived for a long period of time in an extended family environment, my grandfather, Anton was the head of the house, and it was my brother and I, my mother, and two of her sisters living in a small three bedroom house. The house was h...

3 Things to Look For In A Movie That Can Change Your Life (28 Mar 2006)

If you want to be happier and you also love movies, this article will teach you how to use their lessons to change your life. To achieve this, you must look for three things in every movie you watch. If the movie has all three, it can be a rich, m...

Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam: First Duty Station [1971] (05 Apr 2006)

In a war zone, --a combat zone that is, or for that matter, in a support unit that is in a war zone, there are very few flags flopping out in the wind, or for that matter, finding soldiers standing erect with dressed greens, gloriously waiting for...

A Night with Tequila [Post, San Francisco:--1969/and a Poem] (07 Mar 2006)

A Night with Tequila
[Post, San Francisco: -- l969]

And the Poem: November Grass

I was in-between going into the Army, which would bring me to Augsburg, Germany, and then on to Vietnam, and leaving San Francisco, where I had lived...

Army Pay (1976--west Germany ((a Poem)) (02 Dec 2005)

he is in pain. I can hardly stand it.
I know I have to do it. I called in a
medical helicopter. he won't budge.
he hands the corporal his rifle. if
I fail he dies.

I know what he did. I can't tell him
I know. he aimed. h...

How to Choose the Right Celebrant/Officiant for Your Commitment, Wedding, or Baby Naming Ceremony (26 Sep 2005)

Who will be your celebrant is the single most important decision you will make when planning and organising your ceremony. The choice you make will affect the outcome of your ceremony more than any other decision. Your Celebant can either help you...

Old Josh: Fiddlesticks [Ozark, Alabama, 1863] (17 Jan 2006)

Old Josh: Fiddlesticks
[Ozark, Alabama, 1863]
Chapter Episode Two; 8/13/05

The sun was rising over Ozark, Alabama, soldiers were here and there, bivouacked in pastures, alongside of roads, eating breakfast, marching, exercising, brus...

What is a Comic Book Price Guide? (16 Nov 2005)

A comic book price guide is a great tool for determining what your comic books are estimated to be worth in the market today. The going worth of individual comic books can range all over the board. Some issues have been known to carry a value of s...

The Tiamat and the King [Chapter Three: The Death Valley] (03 Nov 2005)

The Short Tale/Book: Four
[The unfinished story�Last Tale of the Tiamat
Now completed after four years]

The Tiamat and the King

Note: we left off with Chapters one and two, here is now chapter three�

Chapter 3

The Tale of Shamhat [In Uruk with Gilgamish] (16 Nov 2005)

"I firmly believe, had there not been a Shamhat, in the vaults of Uruk's antiquity: there never would have been an, 'Epic of Gilgamesh.'"

A Tale of Shamhat
[In Uruk with Gilgamish]

1) Uruk and Gilgamesh

Gilgamish�the King of ...

Understanding Art (19 Sep 2005)

Art is anything that people add to their 'output' which is not functionally necessary and is other than the default properties of that output. The word "art" has been derived from the Latin word 'ars', which, loosely translated, means "arrange...

The Old Historical Society [Mike and Lee MaGee--1958/59] (19 Nov 2005)

Lee MaGee, started shoe-shinning at the age of 12-years old, actually a little before that, but the year was 1958-1959. He received .25-cents from his mother for the movies on Saturday's for doing the dishes, his brother Mike got the same for empt...

Smart Art Investments - Knowing the Investment Potential of an Artists Work (31 Aug 2005)

An artist's background is important and definitely impacts on the value of their artworks. Most of us understand that an artwork by an established or accomplished artist is worth more than that of an lesser known artist. An investment quality con...

The Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders (25 Aug 2005)

He adjusted his long hair inside his red bandana and straightened his knap-sack out before heading from his overnight encampment in the jungle's lush cover to make his way towards Kukulcana on the Pacific Ocean coast. It had been another adventuro...

Old Josh [Alabama, 1862] (01 Mar 2006)

I lived in Alabama in l969 for about four months and then again in l977-80. I used to sit in the bars and listen to the old folks talk; and was invited to a few folk's houses. Anyhow, I want to tell you a simply story about Old Josh, not anythin...

Land-Use and Alternative Energies Go Together (07 Nov 2005)

So often the word "environmentalism" strikes a negative note with farms and industries that operate on larger bodies of land. It has been equated with "tree-hugger" types who want nothing more than to shut down the industrial operations of the Un...

WDW History 101 - How to buy 27,000 acres of land and no one notice (21 Dec 2005)

Thinking of walking from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot? Think again!

People, especially those who haven't been to Walt Disney World in many years, always comment to me about how huge WDW really is. Actually, most people don't realize how much l...

The Tombstones and Creepy Old Crypts of Walt Disney Worlds Haunted Mansion (29 Oct 2005)

Dear Lou...

We just love the Haunted Mansion! Every time we go, we just love looking at the graves in front of the entrance, and we just noticed the mausoleum at the exit. Were they always there (I don't remember the mausoleum). And are the ...

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Whatever Became of This E-Ticket Attraction? (25 Apr 2006)

One of the most innovative attractions ever created for the Disney theme parks was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. A Walt Disney World "E-Ticket" attraction since its opening day on October 14, 1971 (back when WDW used individual coupons instead of ...

Lake Superior [An Environmental Wonder] (01 Feb 2006)

[August, 2005] Lake Superior is of course one of what they call the Great Lakes. And I again, say I suppose anyone that knows me, knows I'm married to a Peruvian, woman, which is a treat of course, or can be. She never did much traveling prior t...

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