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Big Pig [1957--summer] (04 Oct 2005)

[1957—summer] It was a bad year for Mike Russet, and his father; he had gotten cancer, and died. I hadn't' known anyone to have died up to this point, it was my first encounter, experience with the face of death, my very first look at death; that ...

The Wino [1958] (22 Sep 2005)

Standing in the middle of the sidewalk on a brisk Saturday in Fall, 1958, on a declining hill by St. Joseph's Hospital (where I was born, ((Lee was born), where a tenant house was, where my friend, Mike Russet's family had moved to, moved into, we...

Look at Me [Continued Chapter one and into Chapter two] (24 Jan 2006)

The Mission
[Günter Gunderson; Minneapolis, Minnesota; 1917]

When he first came to America—a little placid, cleric-like face, juggernauts: while looking for work in the city of Minneapolis, and living in St. Paul (just a river apart), he...

Its All BS I Tell You (19 Oct 2005)

Now I don't mean to insult any great writers and entrepreneurs out there, but the simple truth most books adsense are all full of nothing but what google says.

I realized this after days of searching for the renowned cheats or tricks and all...

Lady with the Third Eye [1995] (27 Dec 2005)

Lady with the Third Eye:
[The Fox-Fairy-Oni: Demon]

[A dream-vision from 1/10/01]

Prologue: Things come back to you to haunt you; some times tell you what must be done; exposed--I think this is one of those times; it really to...

Does Fashion Matter When Doing Magic Tricks? (14 Nov 2005)

Dressed For Success

So you have an awesome magic trick you want to perform on somebody. You've practiced it thousands of times, perfected it in front of the mirror and now are ready to take your act to the streets...ok maybe not the streets...

Look at Me [l951/Part One/ Chapter One] (16 Oct 2005)

Look at Me

The Great Flood of '51

The night is dark,
the Mississippi lies asleep,
the moon is veiled in a velvet mist
with a blood-spattered chest.

It has hoary strange eyes,
restless with hazy fear, <...

Experience A Drive-In Theatre Near You! (10 Mar 2006)

Experience A Drive In Theatre Near You!

The magic of the Drive In theatres can still be experienced today.

There are more than 400 Drive In theatres across the United States still in operation, newly built or reopened. The first...

Competencies for Recruitment Professionals: Measuring Their Efficiency and ROI! (09 Sep 2005)

For high growth organizations, attracting, hiring and retaining the right talent is critical. Add the right players to your team and you have a key source of competitive advantage. Attract the wrong talent and you will have difficulty...

First Kiss [1963] (02 May 2006)

First Kiss
[St. Paul Minnesota, 1963]

"What'd ya-think Lee, she's ready to give you a big kiss—know!" said Roger.

"I've never kissed a girl before," answered Lee, with hesitation.

"Does she agree, without you making her?"


Ellis Island [Part Three: From the Baltic] (09 Dec 2005)

Ellis Island
[Part Three: From the Baltic]

Slowly the ship unplowed the waters to New York City's harbor, whereupon, the youthful stubborn Russian lad, saw for the first time the famous, Statue of Liberty, and nearby Ellis Island was a...

Asylum [Chapter Two: From the Baltic] (22 Nov 2005)

[The Voyage] On the ship, during its voyage, Anatolee would reminisce, grieve his past, the old kerosene lamps on the wooden floors in his home became lit: which lit up the pathway to the bedrooms—kitchen, and out to the out-house at night; and ...

From the Baltic [July, 1916, Lithuania] (16 Apr 2006)

Anatolee Silluak, born on a farm, in a farm house in a region known as: Lithuania, in Russia, in the wastelands one might say, close to the Baltic Sea. It was the first of July of his 18th year of life, of his young life that is, when he leaned—n...

Grandpas Mantel Clock [1959] (16 Aug 2005)

The main dresser or cabinet, better described—for it was in the dinningroom of the house on Cayuga Street where our family had moved to in 1958—the main dresser held the black Mantel Clock of my grandfathers; as would be described, a long and dark...

The Fair Deal (14 Jan 2006)

The Fair Deal

One fine summer's evening, my wife Kim and I sat with a few of our neighbors out on the side porch of our house in North Chatham, N.Y., population 503. We talked politics.

Most of us are Democrats. Some of us are old en...

Murder on the Block [The Haunting Case...1980] (09 Oct 2005)

To make a long story short, my mother sold her house to this couple, whom was introduced by my… They were a very handsome couple indeed—: both he and his were tall, young, thoughtful, and handsome; a striking couple you could say; and worked, ...

Dear Minuteman Guy (12 Apr 2006)

Dear Minuteman Guy:

I haven't heard from you in a while and am wondering just what the deal is. I don't know what you are up these days but, as always, I have some new thoughts to share with you so I thought I would begin rather than waiting...

The Big Mouse [1959] (05 May 2006)

The Big Mouse
[St. Paul, Minnesota; 1959]

"You boys upstairs go on to bed now—go to sleep, make sure you've turned off all the lights," mother was saying. "Go on now!" she repeated herself, hearing me getting into bed; Mike was lying bac...

The Dad Behind The Doodlebops (01 May 2006)

The Doodlebops are taking two nations by storm. Surely you've heard of them! If you haven't yet, you undoubtedly will soon. They're the hottest new children's show since The Wiggles.

The Doodlebops are DeeDee, Moe and Rooney Doodle--prete...

Is NBCs Reality Show Meet Mr. Mom Out Of Touch With Reality? (23 Jan 2006)

Is the latest reality series from NBC, "Meet Mr. Mom" out of touch with reality?

NBC describes the show this way. "Each week, moms from two different families are surprised with a luxury vacation, while the dads are left to manage their chao...

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