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The Porch [1960] (02 Oct 2005)

The Porch
[St. Paul, Minnesota; 1960]

"I cleaned under the porch, grandpa, as you said; you said yu'd pay me four-dollars…z? I cleaned it all this morning."

"Yu dats god dn aldedy yaw…!"

He stood looking at me, kind of stari...

Interworld Digital: No Cost Solution for Theater Owners in India! (24 Sep 2005)

Now after some 110 years of movies, and 77 years after the first 'talkies', the movie industry is again caught in the winds of change: Cinema sans 'film' or celluloid -- Digital Cinema!

Digital Cinema is the way movies are made and screened ...

The Corral (North St. Paul, Minnesota; 1952) (25 Nov 2005)

I stood there against the fence, within the corral, sunbeams brushing across my face, yellow hay soaking into the drying up mud from the rain yesterday; listening to voices of the people around Dan, and Dan the horse; another horse I don't know hi...

The Drumming of the Woodpecker & Faded Over-halls (26 Oct 2005)

When I was but fifteen-years old, my grandfather was a good, if not great hunter, a sportsman one might say, something I never quite acquire a taste for. That was around around l956, I suppose, take or give a little, a year here a year there. Now...

The Cigar [a chapter story] (03 Apr 2006)

For some odd reason Günter's mind started shifting into a different mode—he was at an old friend's work place, at a party [dreaming], he always liked a good cigar now and then, on special occasions that is, --and Molly, the secretary, asked him i...

IZEE Growing Up In a logging Camp Chapter 3 (29 Jan 2006)

IZEE Chapter 3 ~ Early years ~ Bates, Oregon

My memory of my early childhood years, is a little distant. Until the end of my third grade, we lived in Bates, Oregon. This is what I learned in Bates. First, I'd learned that when my mother rais...

IZEE: Growing Up In A Logging Camp, Chapter 2 (03 Feb 2006)

We moved to Izee early Saturday, to the house we had never seen the inside of. Mom was following in the car, Dad commandeering a borrowed pickup with all of our earthly possessions. Robert came with us to Izee, this time. Since Mom would be explai...

Do Americans Really Understand Irony? (06 Jan 2006)

Let me start by saying that 'I am an American' Ok, there I have admitted it. But let me go on to make myself slightly more unpopular by suggesting that our American society does present us with a range of valuable and positive aspects. (no - I am ...

Dont Let Them See You Sweat! The Art of Performing Magic! (14 Oct 2005)

We've all been there. Our hands are sweaty, your heart is racing and your hands are shaking like a leaf. Yes, I am talking about trying to pull off your first magic trick that you just learned. You are excited to show your friends and family you...

Arizona Blue--Gunfighter: Wild Flower [Part Two of Two] (28 Nov 2005)

Arizona Blue—Gunfighter
Wild Flower

Part two [continuation]

"NO WAY…GUNFIGHTER!" [Screamed Todd] —then he went for his gun as Blue's stance was half to the girl, and half to Todd. But even before Todd could get his gun out of hi...

Arizona Blue--Gunfighter: Wild Flower [Part one of Two] (30 Jan 2006)

Arizona Blue—Gunfighter
Wild Flower

[Episode Two: Tombstone - 1882]

[Tombstone, Arizona—1882] Arizona-Blue wiped the dust off his pants as he dismounted his horse, Dan. Another town he said to himself. He hadn't been back in Ari...

The Dark Bedroom (17 Feb 2006)

The Dark Bedroom
[1953—St. Paul, Minnesota]

It's hard to forget ones old home, or house, it was on Arch Street in St. Paul, Minnesota, it was: grandpa, mom and my brother Mike (my older brother by two-years: I was six then), along with t...

When We Was Kids in Chicago (part 3) (14 Oct 2005)

I have been thinking about those times back in the 70's in Chicago. We were all out of service, the war was over, and we were coming home in droves. Many guys found out that they had lost their girlfriends, and wives, to the romeo's who stayed beh...

Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings Ever (24 Oct 2005)

1. Garçon à la Pipe by Pablo Picasso ($ 104,100,000)

Garçon à la Pipe is painted during Picasso's famous Rose Period, a period in which Picasso preferred cheerful orange and pink colours. The oil on canvas painting, measuring 100 × 81...

Arizona Blue—Gunfighter: A Rough Year—1844 (09 Nov 2005)

Arizona Blue, remembering his family leaving their homestead in Quincy, Illinois, now looking down at Cheyenne, about to head on into town; it was a rough year, he told himself; looking at Dan, his horse. Cheyenne, was just another town, no big th...

Understanding Life through A River Runs Through It Movie Review (01 Aug 2005)

If you've never had the opportunity to watch the film, "A River Runs Through It," starring Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt and Tom Skerritt, I strongly suggest you take a peak.

The film, set in Montana's breathtaking scenery between 1910 and 1935, ...

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter: The Rooming House [Chapter Four] (22 Dec 2005)

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter
The Rooming House
[Chapter Four to: Mexican Stand-off]

It was a long day; Blue went to the Boarding House to get a good sleep. The Sheriff introduced him to everyone in town, as if it mattered, it was more fo...

Tips when traveling to Orlando, Florida -- How to Find Cheap Prices, Deals, and Discounts! (27 Nov 2005)

You probably are worried that you are going to spend an arm and a leg to come to Orlando and spend a week or so at the Central Florida area attractions. You expect that you will go home and have a huge credit card bill, no cash left, and will be w...

The Winter School [Ecole St. Louis/in St. Paul, MN; 1957] (06 Feb 2006)

The Winter School
[Ecole St. Louis—St. Paul, Minnesota; l957]

"We…!" [We being: my brother and I] were a team, that is, we were quite the team growing up in the inner city of St Paul, Minnesota, during the l950s; we wrestled with the lo...

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter: The Barber Shop [Chapter Three] (01 Feb 2006)

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter
The Barber Shop & Chickamauga
[Chapter Three to Mexican Stand-off]

Blue had two guns he always carried. One a belt gun, keep snug up against his belly, a 1860 .44 caliber Colt Army revolver and a matching ...

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