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Battle Scared Streets [WWIII: The Red Horse of Apocalypse] (29 Dec 2005)

Advance: I do believe the beginnings of WWIII, started in Korea, and went onto Vietnam; and then all the little wars in-between culminated any kind of world stability they thought WWI and WWII would bring; and over from all this poured Eastern Eu...

Arizona Blue-Gunfigher: Showdown on Main Street [Chapter Two] (04 Apr 2006)

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter
Showdown on Main Street
[Chapter Two, to: 'Mexican Stand-off']

Blue, he—after tending to his horse went down Main Street towards the end of town, where Lola's Boarding House was. She had a fancy sign outside,...

Theme Park Master Planning (02 Jan 2006)

So you want to build a theme park?

What do you do? Where do you start? How about taking some cool rides, and putting them together with some good restaurants, fun stores and pretty landscaping? Well, you can do exactly that, and some people ...

Mystery of the Cemetery (Augsburg, Germany, l970((in English and Spanish)) (27 Aug 2005)

Mystery of the Cemetery
(Augsburg, Germany, 1970: dedicated to Sarah)

—Our mouths met, in a long, loving kiss. It was sunrise—, the time I figured she'd tell me about the mystery of why she walked through the Cemetery all the time. Her ...

John Wayne (08 Sep 2005)

You remember John Wayne right? It's okay we won't tell anyone you're old enough to remember. John Wayne is fondly remembered for his terrific cowboy pictures and his many wild west movies.

Did you know that some of his movies were based on...

Is It Humane to Make Big Cats Perform? (27 Jan 2006)

Because of what happened with Montecore and Roy Horn of the famed magic act, Siegfried and Roy, we have been asked the same two questions by hundreds of people: "What was the tiger really thinking?" and "Is it humane for animals to be made to perf...

Jessica Simpson and the New Dukes of Hazzard (31 Oct 2005)

Before Jessica Simpson became the fun loving pop-teen idol, she was a young member of her church choir in Dallas, TX. Discovered by the music industry while attending a summer church camp, she later became a hit on the Christian Youth Conference ...

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter: The Mexican Stand Off [Chapter one of four] (22 Nov 2005)

[La Pelea del Mejicano]

Deadwood & Chickamauga

[Deadwood - l884]

Chapter One

The Mexican Stand Off

The man called Arizona Blue was a man by himself and before him laid another town, this time in South Dakota; behind h...

The Cave of Darkness (Ghar il-Kbir: Malta-11/2001((NOW! In English and Spanish)) (13 Dec 2005)

The Cave of Darkness
(Ghar il-Kbir ((Malta—11/2001))

Advance: of most places I've traveled in the world [683,000-miles throughout], Malta has been for the most part, always on my top-ten list, of all-round places to go. It has a ting ...

Its Awesome August Again (24 Apr 2006)

August, the eighth month of the year, is to put it bluntly …the worst of a long, hot summer or perhaps the armpit of an incredibly sweltering one.

If you're in a quandary about why a cow would want to jump over the moon, who let the screamin...

The Archbishop: and the Maiden [#12 of 27, to The Cadaverous Planets] (18 Mar 2006)

The Archbishop: And The Maiden

Faith believes, it also trusts: and it also tests.

"I am the Archbishop of Brugge," he said to his guest in a most ingratiating voice.

"And I am Jokaneen of the Asteroid-Ice Cap, at the end of yo...

The Old Man of Chickamauga [Virginia-1861] (01 Nov 2005)

The Old Man of Chickamauga

"The bastards are going to come into my house; they are going to burn it. Burn my house…no-no-no-n...No, what can I do [?]." Tears appeared in within his eyes, he started to wipe them clean.<...

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter: Another Town (19 Feb 2006)

Arizona Blue-Gunfighter
In: Another Town


[Cheyenne - 1878]

The Man called Arizona-Blue

He was known as Arizona Blue because Arizona was where he came from and he had the deepest blue eyes any one had ever seen....

The Wholesale Plasma Television Guide (22 Apr 2006)

You've finally made the decision to purchase that wholesale plasma television that you have been dreaming of, but you don't want to spend a lot of money. What do you do? Here's a simple, straightforward guide to buying your plasma television at ...

Dont Mess with My Magic Trick! (26 Apr 2006)

There is usually one in every crowd that just has to be the spoiler in exposing your magic trick. You know, the guy, and I say guy, not girl, for a reason, as in all my experiences, I have yet to have a girl behave in what I am about to describe....

Morning in the Village [Easter Island 2/2003] (10 Nov 2005)

Advance: I am not asking anyone to believe in ghosts, goblins or spirits, but I will tell you, I believe in them—the spirits that is, and in the ghosts, or ghouls; not so much the goblins though. When I first arrived on Easter Island, it was bad...

Finding The Best Plasma TV (14 Dec 2005)

Plasma televisions are one of the hottest products on the market today. But with so many retailers, how do you know where you can get the best plasma television? Here are some things you should know before you before you commit yourself to the p...

Home School Decisions (03 Jan 2006)

Just thinking about taking your kids out of the traditional public or private school is terrifying, isn't it?

Being intimidated by moving forward to something new isn't really about doing the new. It is more a fear of leaving the comfortabl...

Electronic Voice Phenomena and Spirit Communication – Is EVP Real? (07 Jan 2006)

There is a movie that came out this year called White Noise. I haven't seen it yet, but it's premise is an interesting one. Apparently the film is about EVP or electronic voice phenomena.

Have you ever heard the humming of some kind of machi...

The Pitt-Jolie-Aniston Debate – A Tale of Two Tees - Who Sides With Whom and Why (15 Sep 2005)

The debate continues over the exact nature of the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and what role their "friendship" played in the collapse of Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston. As women choose sides, th...

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