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Ah!! Monsoon Season... (16 Apr 2006)

"As dark gray clouds gather in the sky, it reminds me of eternal gifts that our Mother Nature has presented to us."

Truly, nature has her own subtle way of expressing love and affection to us. During monsoon season, when tiny rain droplets f...

Dont Even Think About Affiliate Marketing Until Youve Read This - Part 2 (20 Nov 2005)

4. DON'T have too many links on one page...
This one is critical. New affiliate marketers tend to think ' this affiliate stuff is great I'll put up 100 affiliate links on my page, then one of them will have to get clicked'. It doesn't work! I'...

Easter Island [A Poem; in Spanish and English Now] (26 Apr 2006)

This is an Island, in the remotest sea

Where the soft sunset dies,
Where earth and sky meet.
Where eastern shores awake

To rapid heart beats!...
Where ancient statues stand and stare:
Beneath its blue, common skies.


Suicide after Coffee and Eggs [1992] (20 Jan 2006)

Behind him sat a body
Who? I don't know who
Just a head of hair—un-descript.
Off the grill came the eggs—
The waitress had brought the coffee before.
He talked about suicide (and his girlfriend,
now, both alienated)—ripple...

Batman Begins (29 Mar 2006)

Batman Begins represents the fifth installment in the Batman series and the first new film in the series in eight years. Director by Christopher Nolan (Memento) it also represents the best film in a series that had become stale and campy and also ...

Corporate Spooks? Never Heard of Em (27 Jan 2006)

You're not alone. In fact, it's doubtful if many have. If, upon hearing the term, "Corporate Spook", you picture a spy tiptoeing through a darkened office, armed with a tiny pen that shoots a deadly projectile into a counterspy extracting trade ...

Presenting with Props: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (21 Nov 2005)

When giving a presentation props are usually a good idea. They grab the audience's attention, give a visual representation and they add life to what could be yet another dreaded mandatory meeting. When are they not a good idea… when they are not...

Making the Transition from Corporate to Freelance Copywriter (10 Dec 2005)

So you've had it up to here with salary freezes, downsizing and your ever-elusive job security? Join the club.

Today's seasoned copywriter has every reason to want to make that transition from corporate drudge to free enterprising free spiri...

Try This Life on for Size (08 Mar 2006)

Unless you live in a cave, under a rock, or in an Afghanistan bunker, you've probably heard about the 2004 documentary "Super Size Me." This fascinating film follows director Morgan Spurlock as he embarks on 30 days of eating nothing but McDonald'...

Canadian Rockers Head South To Win Inxs Lead! (10 May 2006)

Mark Burnett Productions (one of the most influential television producers) and INXS (one of the most influential rock bands in the world) have joined together for the first ever, ROCKSTAR competition. The very first competition ever, where an alr...

Sedna to Cibara [Part III to Project: Space Tomb] (22 Sep 2005)

Sedna to Cibara
[Part III to Project: Space Tomb]

The Planet Cibara, looking up at Moiromma

Sedna's composition was ice and soil, mixed for the most part with (H20) water; (CH4) methane and frozen CO2 (carbon dioxide). The soil was...

The Attic Bedroom [An Old Type Winter--l958] Short Story (05 Aug 2005)

Again, Lee, now eleven-years old, and Mike, his brother, two years his senior, ran through the second floor attic bedroom discovering Grandpa Anton was listening, they heard grandpa cursing and mumbling in the living room, then their mother crosse...

Magic of the Amazon, and Cavewoman and the Rat [two poems; Now in Spanish and English] (22 Apr 2006)

Magic of the Amazon
[Ballade of the Peruvian Amazon]

I know the Amazon, as long and desolate

I know its currents have stripp'd the skies blue. Alas, my friends! Beneath the fierce waters weight
The crust of the earth lies, ...

Tales From the Corporate Frontlines: A View from the Top at Sunset: Senior Management Musings (25 Feb 2006)

This article relates to the Senior/Top Level management of an organization. AlphaMeasure defines senior management as the team of individuals at the highest level who have the day-to-day responsibilities of operating the organization. For many emp...

Native American Life after Prophetstown (Part 3) (12 Dec 2005)

It was the Fall of 1811. The once dazzling colors of the prairie,now began the cycle of becoming nourishment for next years growth. Fading into the earth, ashes from ashes, dust to dust. The fine warriors of the many forests, plains, prairies arou...

The Snake Charmers - Part 2 - Psychics, Mediums, and Other Liars (11 Oct 2005)

Deuteronomy 18:10-18:12

The question today is, Does God acknowledge the existence of such people in the Bible? The answer is yes, over and over again. Exo 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Deu 18:10 There shall not be found ...

Los Andes Space Observatory (Part II ((to Project: Space Tomb)) (25 Apr 2006)

[July 16, 2126 AD] The engineering of the Space Tomb was simple, it was like a comet, it drew its energy from the sun, and the Tomb gave energy to its occupants. It had a cooling system, and when farthest away from a star or sun it—when it got c...

The Tiamat and the King [Chapters 1& 2 of Six Chapters] (18 Nov 2005)

The Short Tale/Book: Four
[The unfinished story—Last Tale of the Tiamat
Now completed after four years]

The Tiamat and the King

The Conclusion of the Tiamat Tales

It has been said: revenge is never the winner, simply bec...

7 Magic Trick Tips Using Invisible Thread (05 Sep 2005)

Have you ever been to a magic show, sitting there mesmerized as you asked yourself, "How did they do that?" As you know, magic is more an illusion, creating the vision that something is happening although it is not. While magicians use many diff...

Blown Apart (03 May 2006)

You can never sum up a mans life. My life had evolved and revolved around hate. All that I had was distorted, misunderstood and torn apart by my ambitions.

A little man came towards me holding a sharp needle. I struggle as much as I can, but...

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