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Your Stars (16 Dec 2005)

March 21st - April 20th
It's time to start giving people the benefit of the doubt and being more accepting of those who have different ideas to you. So the next time someone in your vicinity answers their mobile phone to the sound of...

Smart Art Investment - More than Just a Pretty Picture! (30 Jan 2006)

There was a time when I would have never considered buying original artworks for my home let alone for investment. Too expensive! Too complicated! When it comes to collecting art most people feel inadequate or intimidated. I thought art collecting...

Sock It To Em: The Sock Puppet Revolution (24 Apr 2006)

The other day I realized that I had an odd number of socks in my sock drawer. And by that I do not mean that I had twelve socks, although twelve is a strange number. In reality, the number of socks was such that one sock did not belong to a pair...

Summer Bulletin Board (Ways to Have Fun This Summer) (18 Dec 2005)

The declaration that summer is here still holds true today, for summer has not yet left, which is more than can be said about that lazy relative who is still on your couch (seriously, check it now). Many people have begun to have some fun this su...

Black Terror; Journal Notes of Buer the Demon [#10 to the Cadaverous Planets] (04 Nov 2005)

[Part two of two parts: From the story, Gusoyn, in the Prison House for Demon]

[Journal Notes of Buer] The lower cells in the Prison House for Demon, some several floors below Gusoyn's cell were that of an awful stench of burning air an...

Are Politics Playing A Part In Sagging Ticket Sales For Hollywood Films? (07 Aug 2005)

I have always believed in the right of free expression. People should be able to express an opinion without being punished for it. The exceptions to that rule are using an opinion to defame without cause, slander or attack the ethnicity of a perso...

Fight Fleas The Natural Way And Give Your Dogs Health A Boost! (14 Aug 2005)

There's nothing like a flea to ruin a dog's good time!

If fleas are making your dog miserable, then there's only one thing you can do: find the flea's number one enemy. And no, it's not a flea collar. It's not flea powder either.

Let m...

EL Gnaw -- And the Asteroid Pygmies (10 May 2006)


EL Gnaw — And The Asteroid Pygmies

For every effect created there is a price to be paid by the population that safe guards it.

King IL Gnow, of Asteroid-Ice Cap, otherwise known as Moiromma's moon, some three-thousand miles ...

Native American Life after Prophetstown (Chapter 2) (28 Mar 2006)

White encroachment into Native traditional lands, caused widespread resentment, among the many tribes, occupying river villages along the Wabash. Fort Ouiatenon, stonghold of the British in 1795, lent support, to the Native people, who now struggl...

Art Gallery Website - Develop Your Own Art Site or Use a Service? (27 Jan 2006)

Common Issues: Develop private web site by yourself or use a service from professionals.

1. In the present multinational and multicultural world all art galleries still can be grouped into three branches.

On the first place big nation...

Magic, Clown Magic, and Magic in Clowning - Whats the Difference? (24 Oct 2005)

In this article, I'd like to make a few short comments about the performance of magic in clowning — where it's appropriate, and where it's not. For instance, it would be out of character for a bumbling clown to suddenly put on a serious demeanor, ...

Gusoyn: In the Prison House for Demon [and Notes: on Demons] (09 Oct 2005)

#8, to "The Cadaverous Planets"

In the
Prison House
For Demon

[Part one of two]

The thicken webs in his eight square foot cell, in The Prison House of Demon, out behind the dark side of earths moon, was proba...

Antiques & Collectables When Beatrix Potter & Peter Rabbit Met Fred & his Pushy Wife (07 Oct 2005)

Beatrix Potter Beswick Figurines.

Tales from a country antique shop.

A long time ago . . in a galaxy far far away . .

Had a phone call from a gentleman called Fred who was cleaning out his aunt's house.The trouble was, his wife w...

The Parasite, from Moiromma [#9 to The Cadaverous Planets] SF (05 Feb 2006)

For every effect there is a source; and who shall have the right to possess it? It is a good question.

And to kill a killer, you must be a more sever killer, or be killed.

The Mosquito of Malaria

And so it may be asked by healers...

Drawing Caricatures (13 Jan 2006)

You've seen them at amusement parks, corporate trade shows and even wedding receptions - the caricature artists who sketch a lovely rendition of your pronounced chin or schnoozola. These freelancers aren't just drawing cartoons. It takes some tale...

Coping With Information Overload (26 Nov 2005)

It's been said that the average New York Times Sunday edition contains more information than a person in 15th century England was exposed to during their entire lifetime.

In the information age, our minds get bombarded daily with so much dat...

The Account of: Nori Iron from Moiromma [Part 7 to, The Cadaverous Planets] (13 Aug 2005)

The Planet Moiromma
[And the Moon Ice Cap]

[Letter of account—March 24, 1903] I, Nori Iron from the planet called Moiromma now growing of old age in the jungles of what is known as Guatemala, by an ancient Mayan city called Tikal, I a...

Rebirth of Venus, the Art of Orlan (30 Nov 2005)

The French artist Orlan, her actual name is unknown, is making the ultimate sacrifice for art, her own body is her canvas. She has designed the perfect woman on her computer by using the worlds most famous women portraits, like the chin of Bottice...

Your Own Personal Online Shopper (06 Mar 2006)

Imagine you find yourself in the market to buy a new digital camera and, before you part with your money, you want to comparison shop for the best price online.

If you do a search for "digital camera" on, the Web's top search engi...

Whats Cool? (04 Mar 2006)

What you feel is just right and different from other things, is Cool.

You can be cool to other people because you are that bit different and something others aspire too.

How things become cool is not by intention, I think if you sit do...

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