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The Fate Of The Children Of Lir (01 Mar 2006)

This haunting story has inspired Celtic jewelry makers for many years now as the swan theme embodies traditional Celtic designs and Celtic symbols.

A long time ago in ancient Ireland lived an Irish Chieftain named Lir. He was married to Aobh...

History of the Claddagh Rings (18 Dec 2005)

The Claddagh ring is Irelands most romantic and enduring Celtic jewelry tradition. It is customary for the ring to be worn as a wedding or engagement ring and then to be handed down from generation to generation. Claddagh itself is one of Ireland'...

Buying a Violin Bow for Fiddling (19 Oct 2005)

My recommendation on bows used to always be the same. "The best bow for the money is a carbon fiber composite bow just under $200."

Then I would say, "You would have to spend $500 to get an equivalent wood bow, unless you were just lucky."...

Sirgylam, Last of the Rujmel-Hiri Giants [Part 6, to The Cadaverous Planets] SF (26 Mar 2006)

The Human Origins: possibly a mixture of ancient genetic mutations And a face lift from Homo habilis to Homo creatures we are today. But who did the uplifting?

Circle of Refaim

The Last Rephaim Giant

Sirgylam—sat on the top of Mo...

Goethe Confesses (19 Feb 2006)

Goethe and Carlyle are Illuminized:

Carlyle was actually an activist for good government on issues like education and the library system which he started, as well as the Corn Law legislation. I agree with Carlyle about a Hero being a ...

Books Are The Treasures Of The Written Word (19 Jan 2006)

In this high tech advanced world that we live in now, it appears many may have forgotten books, or at least lost touch with them for entertainment. We have television with multitudes of channels and devices that allow you to record programs and vi...

Can What You Create Affect What People Do? Art’s Influence On Culture: A Christian Perspective (28 Apr 2006)

The ability to create art is a gift directly from God. Anything from God has power, so it is no surprise that what you create can influence what people do. It can impact the mind, emotions and will of an entire culture.

Culture is defined as...

Planet Alignment (16 Nov 2005)

Saturn, Venus and Mercury will align themselves on Saturday evening, June 25 and will get even better on Sunday June 26 and June 27 ought to be a great show indeed. You will be able to see this with the naked eye around sunset. This obviously does...

The Apprentice Season One: Why the Women Lost (21 Mar 2006)

On January 8th, 2004, eight women and eight men arrived in Manhattan ready to participate in the unique NBC reality show The Apprentice, where the prize for the final player was a $250,000 a year job working for Donald Trump. The participants wer...

Lady Guineveres Lyoness (05 Nov 2005)


I could get angry on many occasions when I see academia or other paradigm mouthpieces saying 'pseudoarchaeology likes to speculate' which the next source does about the Megaliths of menhirs near Carnac (not the place in Egypt...

The Best Part of my Life, [A love poem; for Rosa] and Commentary by the Author (04 Feb 2006)

The Best Part of my Life
[A love poem; for Rosa]

I shall lay deep beneath the gravel earth
And wait, like a ghoul on a moonlit night,

While you rest beside the fire's heat, grey,
My love, wife, my life, does not forget me;<...

Two Poems: Weathered Leaf & First Day of spring [2005], with Remarks [heavy] (12 Oct 2005)

Remarks: Mr. Dennis Siluk's simply rhymes hold attention here, if not chopping up an apple tree, and leaving the fruit on the ground for all to eat; I'm getting a little poetic like him, although I've only wrote one poem. He paints a passing worl...

Clown Fears - How to Prevent Clowns from being Scary (16 Sep 2005)

No true clown wants to scare a child. However, some children can and do grow up with a Fear Of Clowns-- the clinical name for this is coulraphobia. The question is, how can professional clowns prevent children from being scared?

Before even ...

The True Da Vinci Code (20 Jan 2006)


There are numerous researchers who show the connections of the Illuminati to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Yeats after Crowley and Regardie) come because the Rothschilds include esotericists just as the De Medicis nam...

Pacific Northwest Native Canadian Art Raven (26 Nov 2005)

The most important symbol to many Pacific Northwest Native Canadian people is the Raven bird who is considered the Creator's assistant. It is said that the Raven could transform himself into anything. He was responsible for supplying the rivers an...

The Underpinnings of Polychordal Dissonance and Consonance (31 Oct 2005)

In the last article, Polychords and the Jazz Improviser, it was discussed how one can learn and apply polychords to an improvisation. Continuing with the last article, the understanding of polychordal consonance and dissonance will be explored. As...

The Headsman of Moiromma (Part #5 to The Cataverous Planets((SF)) (19 Mar 2006)


The Headsman of Moiromma

Uhluhtc, King of Moiromma

The secret is not that an alien race has come to earth to visit us, it is in that it dies on a sunless planet, someplace in nowhere.

Nameless he was on earth but as he...

The Cannibal Butchers Stall [#4 to The Cataverous Planets] (12 Dec 2005)

We all know everyone dies, but do we know, that no one remains dead? That is when the second journey begins; the other secret maybe where we will be transferred to.

The Butcher

In a dark ally of Brugge, Belgium, down Blind Donkey Stree...

10 Clues You May be A Sales Mania Shopaholic (31 Mar 2006)

You love the word markdowns. Sales racks at the front of the store is feng shui to you. Cartwheels are a common thing for you when the cashier rings up something even less then you thought. A humourous TOP TEN list for the Bargain Shopaholic Hunte...

Thomas Skies Reality (Realidad de Thomas Skies) - Now in Spanish and English (10 May 2006)

Thomas Skies quickly left the psycho ward. He opened the door of the bus in which Dennis was waiting. "Come," he said. "Let's get away from here. Let's go some place."

"Has something happened?"

"No. Nothing. It's just that I've had eno...

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