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The Surprise [Part III, to Chapter Three The Cadaverous Planets] (26 Aug 2005)

Part III

The Surprise

With the lust of a madman, and the hateful furry of a bull he grabbed Buer tighter and swifter than a shark, they were leaping over solid ground and water in spite of their dimensions, and were on the big island w...

The Voice [A Short SF Story] (21 Oct 2005)

As I walked through the London streets; the railroad station was busy this early morning, like the others I suppose. The streets were utterly filthy, fouled with the manure of its countless horses. It made my walking fetid and hazardous. Countless...

The Devils Fate (Chapter 3, parts I & II of three parts) (25 Feb 2006)

The ongoing chapters of the story: "The Carverous Planets," CHAPTER #3, parts I & II


A Devil's Fate

People don't choose their fears—

Their jealousies, envies and hates They do.

The Princess

Part I


Moiromma, Cibara & Ice Cap [Chapters 1 & 2, The Cadaverous Planets] (21 Feb 2006)

The Land of Moiromma
Part I

There's an old saying that's quite true: 'If there's a will, there's a way,' alas, Make sure you make room for a way back though.

The Asteroid-moon Ice Cap

Map of Moiromm...

The Catacombs of Cibara [Introduction Chapters to The Cardaverous Planets] (15 Apr 2006)

The Catacombs of Cibara
Part I
The Forbidden Planet

The planet Cibara is just beyond the Asteroid Moon Ice Cap, which is which orbits the cold planet called Moiromma, just beyond our solar system—if one is to call Pluto, the last pl...

Three Short SF Stories [NO: 18, 19, 20, of The Cadaverous Planets] (13 Oct 2005)

Here are three more of the 27-short sketches [stories] Author Dennis Siluk has put into his developing book to be, "The Cadaverous Planets," I hope you enjoy them. Rosa Penaloza


The Deity of Ice Cap
[Bha-Vii 'a]


Storm in the Mind [A poem of Unrest/and Notes by the Author] (24 Nov 2005)

Here is a new poem by the Poet, Dennis Siluk, and to my thinking, or reasoning, he has chosen to make a few notes on [I think], his reasoning, and feelings on poetry per se, after the poem; and again, I repeat, his view on dramatic verse, and main...

What the Best CEOs Know - AchieveMax® Top Ten Book Review (07 Sep 2005)

What the Best CEOs Know: 7 Exceptional Leaders and Their Lessons for Transforming any Business is a great concept for teaching anyone—students, potential CEOs in their first year of a business track, or anyone further along in their busines...

King Moir I of Planet Moiromma [Part III and Part IV] (09 Aug 2005)

When Moiromma was young and fertile, it was a wonder to its inhabitants; no other planet other than earth could fall into its shadow of beauty. The summers were sunny and the springs were flowery, and the falls were colorful and the winters were s...

Moiromma: Iazrak [Part II, to Johannes Strange Acquaintance] #22 (07 May 2006)

Little is known of this person, but I shall tell you what is known of him. Underneath Moiromma's four hundred feet of ice is a dead planet, much like Earth's moon; similar to a big snowball in the heavens, might be a better description of Moiromma...

Hair Styling, Shampoo, and Personal Destiny (16 Nov 2005)

Did you know that on average, each person begins adult life with about 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on their head? How you style and wash it can determine the future course of your life. At least according to advertisers.

Shampoo's for...

Johannes Strange Acquaintance (01 Aug 2005)

[Moiromma; part I]

"I think I will be dead next week if the nurse is correct on her examination." That said it brings to light a man I met once at a joint called, 'The Due Drop Inn,' a harmless dive full of harmless people, madly packed with...

Night Over the Mekong (24 Jan 2006)

[Memories from a Sergeant's handbag; he left the names of the people out of his diary for personal reasons.] I was assigned to a platoon forty-four men) that flew out of what now is Saigon [now Ho Chi Minh City], August, 1970. I will end up in C...

Barrow, Alaska [And the Chuck chi Sea] (15 Dec 2005)

The Hotel and Clerk

It was a brisk morning in Barrow Alaska, when I first arrived [June, l996] the Chuck chi Sea was close to the Hotel, 'Top of the World,' hotel if I remember right; and you could see snow on the frozen waves of ice from a ...

El Monstruo Arcaico [previously published in English as: The Monster Archaic] (10 May 2006)

El Monstruo Arcaico
[Una corrida de toros que frecuenta en Lima]
Translated by Nancy Penaloza

La Corrida de toros

Le digo esto por una verdad. Bien, todo esto comenzó simplemente y mi Abuelo, bien - algo dentro de su ...

Toll Roads, They Should Be Paying Us (26 Oct 2005)

Now let me get this straight? You want me to drive on a road with potholes that ruin my car and pay you for the privilege? Come again? Let us dissect this logic for a moment shall we? You pay money to drive on screwed up roads to get near where yo...

Why Humans Cannot Be Happy with What They Need (29 Nov 2005)

Some folks have often pondered why can't people be happy with what they need? They just go after what they want, even when it hurts the little guy. Some folks also saw why do we need 20 companies all with the exact same product? Still they go on t...

The Paper Pickers of Buenos Aires [Non-fiction] (31 Aug 2005)

I arrived in Buenos Aries four days ago and my first reaction to the paper pickers, as I call them now, was 'b…ee careful ….—'It was the same reaction a women on an elevator in our hotel, who had just arrived said she had; our hotel was right off ...

A Review of Time Magazine (19 Jan 2006)

Since the computer revolution began it has been increasing difficult to stay abreast of the really important news. If information overload has you busy trying to sort the important stories from the mundane then you probably should take a fresh lo...

Murder in Shanghai [reedited/2006] (02 Mar 2006)


When I first walked down the street by the hotel called, "The Grand Hyatt Shanghai," I found myself looking over towards the Oriental Pearl Tower; it reminded me of the tower in Kyoto, Japan [1999]. It was a marvelous ...

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