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Along the Docks of Havana (04 Dec 2005)

Along the Docks of Havana

Havana and Carlos

It seems Havana has what I call a luring spell upon people; it surely does have a lively spirit. The architecture remains at the pre-Cuban Revolution form. The Tropicana, where I stayed...

The Monster Archaic [Bullfight in Lima, Peru] (07 Jan 2006)

The Monster Archaic
[A haunting bullfight in Lima]

The Bull Fight

I tell you this for a truth. Well, it all started out simple and my Grandfather, well—something inside his head got triggered. It all took place in the bull-r...

The Shrewdness of Catalina Wanka [In English and Spanish] (26 Mar 2006)

The Shrewdness of Catalina Wanka
[Dedicated to the folks in San Jerónimo; and their Mayor]

Advance: It is not my intention to recount the history of the long and weary campaign of the Spanish vs. the Inca Empire, but to summarize the sw...

Boarder Town Melee [Christmas Day-1927] (06 Feb 2006)

Note: the story took place around Christmas time, in 1927, the names of the people and location have been changed, for reasons I'd prefer not to mention: which linger in my family's history.

(The End) Seven Mexicans came to the bridge cross...

The Dancers Secret -- A Short Horse Story (13 Mar 2006)

It was sunset. The wind rode on the sharp edges of the mountains dragging the last bit of color away from the darkening hills. In a small cradle of two hills lay a beautiful girl. Her hair was long and soft, and when it touched the wind no other b...

Coin Through Elbow and Other Easy Tricks (05 Jan 2006)

Picture walking up to somebody, requesting for a coin, and then biting into it. A portion is totally removed, and, to their utter astonishment, you chew on it a little. Then, right in front of their eyes, the coin repairs itself with just a magica...

Coin Magic (09 May 2006)

Coin magic is the universal phrase for illusions using one or more coins, which are maneuvered so as to trick and mystify the spectators. It is well received by nearly every audience and all ages, and it is highly esteemed by magicians. A great de...

Card Trick Terminology (12 Aug 2005)

Card tricks are among the easiest magic tricks to perform, and you can learn them online. There are numerous sites featuring free, how-to tricks. Knowing card trick terminology always helps.

Biddle Move:
In your right hand grasp the deck...

All Aboard... Everyone Going Global! (29 Jan 2006)

In today's society we move at an incredibly fast pace and with this fast pace comes a continually evolving environment. When we consider the wide-spread integration of high level technology globally, the best may be yet to come. There are numerous...

Drawings Van Gogh Made After Vowing Never To Paint Again Are On Exhibition in Amsterdam (09 May 2006)

A new show will hit New York Metropolitan this October, entitled 'Van Gogh draughtsman: The masterpiece'. The exhibition features over 100 drawings by the artist, some of which are series that have never been shown in their entirety before. Even t...

Monster in Law (26 Jan 2006)

Monster in Law marks Jane Fonda's return to the big screen after a fifteen year absence and Jennifer Lopez's return to film after the Bennifer debacle. Monster in Law tells the story of Viola (Fonda) a Barbara Walters-esque reporter who loses her...

St. Paul: Executed [Poetic Prose] (02 Dec 2005)

My name is Dennis L. Siluk, and I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, where my father never found the time to spend time with anyone I know of. I learned kindness from my mother, not sure where she got it from. I shall return only in memory to dead S...

The Plane from Iquitos [Part Three] (27 Aug 2005)

The Plane from Iquitos
Part Three [a month later, l959]

Captain Derry and the Pink Dolphins

Evil Eye

[Interlude] Things can get mysterious, if not down right sinister for lack of a better word, in the chaotic waters of the A...

A Short Story of Guatemala [In spanish only] (06 Aug 2005)

Besos en La Antigua Guatemala

[¿Verano 2000 el ANUNCIO] Jonathan me dijo ayer, pienso que era ayer, quizás anteayer, que yo no estaba andando alrededor (o estoy abajo?) la esquina habitual por donde yo normalmente aparecía viniendo a la pl...

What Makes Great Cinema (15 Mar 2006)

The motion picture has taken many steps back from the greatness of its past, but nevertheless that greatness can be achieved once more with the adherence to the elements that follow.

No aspect of great film is more or less important than the...

El Ritual de Ojo Diabolico [Ritual of Chief- Evil Eye/in Spanish] (24 Oct 2005)

El Ritual de Ojo Diabolico

El capitán Derry y los demás se habían dirigido a la espesura de la selva, no habían tenido ni idea de lo que les había pasado a los viejos soldados, y sus seguidores, siendo estos: el mismo viejo soldado , y el...

Color Correcting By Numbers (30 Mar 2006)

Color correcting images on screen for digital output is one of the most problematic issues in digital imaging. What was a task left to pre-press professionals in the past and something of no concern with the general public using film cameras, has ...

Everyone Watches TV (02 May 2006)

DLP: Digital Light Processing. the semiconductor that changed everything At the heart of DLP™ technology is the Digital Micromirror Device, (DMD), a semiconductor-based "light switch" array of thousands of individually addressable, tiltable, mirro...

Por un tazón de sopa (For a Bowl of Soup ((in Spanish/Revised)) (16 Mar 2006)

Por un Tazón de Sopa


He considerado aconsejable cambiar los nombres de los caracteres principales en esta historia; un pecado venial a lo mucho. En cualquier caso, los nombres importan poco si la fuente de la historia refleja l...

Eggshells - Of a Shoeshine Boy (06 Sep 2005)

I feel like an eggshell lying in the backwoods hidden behind a bush.

I am still a Midwestern shoeshine boy at heart though; not much more…trying to find the eggshells I left behind when I was born.

I feel we are but shadows in the hars...

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