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Hire a Magician ? Definitions and Tips (18 Sep 2005)

For a lot of people the last time they wanted a magician at their party was when they were 8 years old but magicians don't just work for children. Adults have always been a great audience for magic because they have defined critical thinking. They...

PC Migration (01 Sep 2005)

When you buy a new computer you would want your new pc to behave very much like the older one. It is then, you would attempt to backup all your files & data and would typically reset the new Pc by manually migrating settings and applications. At c...

Art Gallery Openings -- A Young Artists Colorful First Time Experience (07 Dec 2005)

The first time visit to an Art Gallery Opening can be an eye widener for anyone, as this experience of a young artist and newcomer to New York reveals:

The event was a combination exhibition opening and birthday celebration for the Lambert A...

Mayans, Meteors, Magnetics and More (11 Nov 2005)

Let us discuss the issues of the Ancient Mayan Culture and Society and their obvious advancements over other Indian Civilizations of the period throughout the globe at that time. The city of Tenochtitlán in the Yucatan Peninsula was geographically...

Veteran Mirage [A short story: revised, version: 2006] (26 Jan 2006)

"Now that he's alone again—" said Muse Harding.

I stopped short of responding, I really didn't want anything to do with old man Beck. My Uncle Jeffery told me that the old man was dangerous, that he may not look or act it, but he had kind o...

How To Draw People - How To Use Proportions When Drawing People (14 Sep 2005)

Before you can draw a human figure with clothing, muscles, shading, etc., it is necessary to understand the basic proportions of the human figure. Proportions on a figure are simply how long the major anatomical parts of the body are, in relation...

How To Draw People - How To Use Gesture When Drawing People (27 Oct 2005)

When you are learning how to draw the human figure, it helps bring your drawing to life when you use gesture correctly. People's gestures are very dynamic and showing their gestures are key when draw the human figure.

Imagine for a moment t...

Of Madmen and Geniuses, The Magic of Light (19 Oct 2005)

"Lighting affects everything light falls upon. How you see what you see, how you feel about it, and how you hear what you are hearing. Replace the 'a' with an 'e' and you get lighting effects!"—Jean Rosenthal

While the world celebrated chor...

The Dead Vault (04 Nov 2005)

Buried Alive in the Ohio Mounds

The Dead Vault I


The dynasty XVIII 1570-1293 BC—from the diary of a mound maker, Hesmaglig, from Egypt, Memphis; written in hydrographs, and kept hidden in a vault within a mound in North...

Drowning in a Pool of Shadows - Mescaline Take Two (01 Sep 2005)

My second mescaline trip also got a little out of hand. Me and three others decided to mix mescaline and acid. We each took two micro dots and one green gel tab. The only thing I noticed about mixing the two is that I had way more visuals then whe...

Drowning in a Pool of Shadows - Mescaline Take One (27 Dec 2005)

Mescaline is something I only did a few times. I imagine I only did it a few times because it was so hard to come by. For those of you that don't know, mescaline is also referred to as micro-dots. It's a wild drug for a wild mind.

I believe ...

The Great Tower at Kura [Part Two] (09 Sep 2005)

Part Two: The Great Tower at Kura

No God

There was, as you may have already come to this conclusion, no god—that's right—there was no God to speak of in this all-inclusive world order. The term for God, or deity, was never used, not pr...

The Great Tower at Kura [short story] and An Old, Old Man [A Poem] (20 Sep 2005)

Part one of two Parts

The Great Tower at Kura
The Great Tower at Kura
[4th Millennium BC]

At the start of the 4th-millennium BC (350-years before the Great Flood took place, which ended all civilizations on the face of the eart...

Persuasion Through Needs is Achieved in the Film Fargo (30 Mar 2006)

The film Fargo, an Academy Award winner for Best Picture in 1996, has several characters that exemplify the first process premise of needs, in turn making this film persuasive. This film is based around the life of a man named Jerry Lundegaard, w...

Beauty of Nature Talent of Man, a New Ancient Art Form (26 Apr 2006)

Since Mankind first stood erect and developed a consciousness of the world in which he lived; Nature has been a place of many dangers. Violence and death, the need to survive, and the biological urge to reproduce, and to nurture ourselves and our ...

Black Bubble [Part Two] (07 Aug 2005)

[Part Two: Black Bubble]

Reaching land
And the

Fate beckoned Lowell McWilliams, one might say, for on the cold desert like sheet of ice came echoes sliding to his ears, echoes from a Polar Eskimo, in this geographical isolate...

Black Bubble [Part One] (15 Mar 2006)

Black Bubble
[The Dread of the Yukon]

The Decision
And the Journey

The Witch Speaketh:

Once witches danced
To plenilunal magic
With weak souls to molest—;
Ah! Yes—way back when?
When—witches robbed m...

In the Middle, Life Happens: One Woman’s Adventure thru Breast Cancer and the Doodles that Healed (11 Oct 2005)

Life has taught me that I do not always have control over what comes my way, only in how I choose to respond. I certainly did not choose to have breast cancer, but I did choose to not let that diagnosis define how I would experience that medical a...

Miss Congeniality 2: Unfunny and Inept (15 Jan 2006)

Well, it's not awful. And that is the best I can say for Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, the sequel to the surprise hit of 2000 Miss Congeniality.

Sandra Bullock reprises her role as Gracie Hart, the bumbling FBI agent who is skill...

So You Want to be a Film Critic Part I (23 Sep 2005)

So you want to be a movie critic? Who doesn't. It is a great job to have. I mean if you love movies, then what better way to make a living then watching them and telling people what you think about the movie you just saw. Most of us are already...

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