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Tales of Poseidonia (Atlantis Dark Powers; Part I) (23 Sep 2005)

Port of Poseidonia
[Atlantis' Dark Powers]

Let us not all believe Atlantis did not have its secrets and shady powers, for it surely did. And this sketch will bring forth, one of them. (Part I)

The Port and the Tower

The seapo...

I Cant Write Jokes but You Can Become a Standup Comic (15 Oct 2005)

This is Taylor Jones, the hack writer.

I'm a prolific writer of much needed articles.

I wrote from scratch most of the over 150 articles I've posted on during the last two months.

Okay, so some were n...

The Hazards of Being an Artist (28 Feb 2006)

Being an artist has often proven hazardous to my health. Stress is probably one of the worst things you can do to the human body. What's worse is the way that artists sometimes place that stress upon themselves. As I work on a piece, whether it's ...

Just Give In and Paint What You Need to Paint (20 Dec 2005)

I think every artist struggles at one time or another with the choice to create for personal satisfaction or to please others. Ideally, the two would coincide and create a mutually beneficial relationship that satisfies the artist' need to create ...

How to Purchase an Original Work of Art (08 Apr 2006)

We have all heard the saying, 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'. The trouble is, how does the ordinary person purchase an original work of art? By reading art books? By subscribing to fancy art magazines? By frequenting local auctions? Wel...

Voice Dubbing (10 May 2006)

Voice Dubbing is reproduction of voice by imitating of the manner of character speaking and reproduction of mannerisms, gestures, characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the concerned persons in the form of voice. Voice Dubbing is also done for non ...

Free Source of Entertainment (29 Dec 2005)


An interactive forum for you to share your ideas and tips of being anonymous online, how to make difference voices for audio books, how to sing in singers' voices, how to make your own CD, how to watch your favorite film in a different...

One Horse and Six Men (Arizona Blue—Gunfighter) (08 Feb 2006)

Had he not gone into that backyard, or was it a corral? I'm not sure, I wasn't there; had he not gone into that bar and just stayed at that hotel, until the wedding took place, that forenoon day he'd not have gotten killed, is what I'm talking abo...

White With Haste (Footsteps of H.P. Lovecraft)-A Dedicated Poem (17 Mar 2006)

Dead leaves of days gone by—now fly:

White with haste, ghouls fly high; Amongst old aisles, where footsteps once fell

Now tombs and tales and lurking madmen hail: Here is where H.P. Lovecraft once walked,

And talked—and wrote glo...

Near Huancayo, Peru (And Four Other Mixed Poems) (14 Nov 2005)


The Valley and Mountain

Near Huancayo, Peru

What do I seek, in the chilled! Mountains so bleak— In the Mantaro Valley of Peru (?) Perhaps, untroubled hours doing Nothing; or perchance—something Like listening to the sweeping: ...

School Theater, 2nd Act (25 Feb 2006)

There is a bright side not to neglect when you encounter a total failure: you can nothing but improve. Therefore, the year following my first failure, I volunteered to undertake to prepare the yearly theater performance.

Those who had witnes...

The Abyss of the Black Sea [Part III to: the Great Tower at Kura] (08 May 2006)

From Part I

The Great Tower at Kura

[4th Millennium BC]

….death was simply a recycling of that commodity to be found in most every corner of the world; consequently, free labor in a city-state was a right, which it was given by t...

Honey (06 Mar 2006)

Honey, if you believed the trailers, was supposed to be this generations Flashdance. Another story of a young dancer who overcame the odds to make good on her dreams and becomes a success. Except in Flashdance Jennifer Beals' character wants to ...

Once You Have Cleansed Yourself (10 May 2006)

Many people ask "what do you do with the poor souls once you have captured them"?

Not living near any volcanoes there is only one other respectful way to handle this problem. The Pig Head advised the following tactful solution.

He rec...

X-Men, My Teenage Daughter, And Me (02 Sep 2005)

When X-Men came into existence I was a kid. But it wasn't until my now teenage daughter grew up and fell in love with the mutants that I really got my X-Men education. In this article I'm simply going to introduce you to the main X-Men character...

Dr. E.P. Tiaras Gravity Pill (1899) (04 Oct 2005)

Gravity, the mysterious invisible agent which pervades the whole universe: which makes things fall; orbs circle the sun, and create perpetual motion from the solar system, throughout.

(Emanation of providence) "…but what are its properties?"...

Sam Gilliam: A Retrospective (22 Sep 2005)

Sam Gilliam saw his fame apex in the late 60's when he rushed the art world with his groundbreaking Draped paintings and began paying the mortgage on the title of the world's "most prominent African American painter." Now firmly planted in his 5th...

August Wilson: In Memoriam (09 May 2006)

"The death of August Wilson does not simply leave a hole in the American theater, but a huge, yawning wound, one that will have to wait to be stitched closed by some expansive, poetic dramatist yet to emerge."
- Peter Mar...

UFO: We Chat as We Tour the Cosmos (22 Sep 2005)

"UFO: We Chat as We Tour the Cosmos" by John T. Jones, Ph.D.

I was watering the petunias when Xrytspet from Fanton in G10009845788899990766 and her fellow planet man, Silzrack, showed up.

I said, "Scram, Xrytspet! Take that fire-haired...

Celebrating Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijns 400th Birthday in 2006 (20 Mar 2006)

The Year 2006 marks the 400th birthday of the brilliant artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Born on July 15, 2006 in Leiden of the Netherlands, Rembrandt became the greatest painter of the Dutch Golden Age. He had an amazing gift of capturing l...

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