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Original Fine Art: Finding Your Art Personality (20 Jan 2006)

Most people are reluctant to buy art work because they don't understand it. Since the turn of the twentieth century, art has come out in increasingly bewildering forms. Who really gets Picasso? And what value really do melting clocks have for anyt...

Use Your Reading To Boost the Opportunities, Excitement and Experience in Your Life (10 Sep 2005)

From Fiction to Fact.

There are a number of ways for you to have experiences. You can have them directly: for example, go to Zanzibar. Or you can talk to other people about Zanzibar, perhaps even some who've gone themselves. You can w...

How to Care for Your Animation Art - 5 Common Questions (28 Mar 2006)

Can we handle Animation Cels? Unframed Animation Cels should be handled as little as possible, preferably not at all. When handling your cel, it would be best to use clean cloth gloves. With or without gloves, cels are best handled by the edges. ...

Troy Burroghs Adventures: The Angry Maid (#3) (12 Oct 2005)


The bad thing about being a counselor is that it is like chewing bubble gum, yup that is exactly what I do, and just like that you just keep on doing it. I suppose I could pick out a better analogy but I can't thin...

The Bahamas Offshore Company (02 Apr 2006)

The Bahamas is a chain of islands comprising 5,358 square miles, located 40-50 miles east of Florida, it has a population of 300,000. Most Bahamians live in two major urban centers: Nassau (its capital) and Freeport.

The Bahamas is a member ...

Planet SSARG: The Great Battle (Chapters 15 Part two; and 16) (30 Aug 2005)

Part Two

The leader, Scoriae, was left with little alternative, but to go back; lest he wait until his men no longer would be able to resist the climatic change and die in place.

Siren agreed with Scoriae, not quite knowing...

Arizona Blue - Gunfighter: Lady in White [End Chapters] (08 Oct 2005)

The Saloon
Chapter Four

He had checked into the hotel: shaved, took a bath, and put on the cleanest dirty shirt he had. Combed his hair and wiped his boots off with spit and the shirt he was about to put on. He then looked out the wind...

The Woodchoppers Henchmen (A dark Poem (and Dennis reviews for 2005)) (14 Apr 2006)

The Woodchopper's Henchmen

Fear has sickened them. A Wound by something´┐Ż, viper-shaped: it has gnawed its way into his brain. And to be quite frank, never will the wounded reptilian know a moment of peace until he fads into the mist of silen...

Schnellegeister - or Quick Spirit (03 Sep 2005)

Sometimes called "Snallygaster". Did a Spirit drive through the wall and run over someone?

As Jimmy and Hillary hurried away from the scene if they had happened to glance back the may have found the answer.

They had never been to the ...

Tipping the Scales for Balloon Twisters (10 Sep 2005)

More then ever before, I have seen the rise in restaurants providing table side entertainment. While you wait to be seated, or for your meal to come, you can be entertained by a skilled magician or a fancy balloon animal.

This is wonderful. ...

What is Close-up Magic? (14 Dec 2005)

Close-up magic is magical entertainment that happens right in front of you, magic you can not only see but feel and touch. This intimacy is what makes it so different from other types of magic. An expert close-up magician will involve and interact...

Have The Big Deals Gone South? (27 Jan 2006)

In past headlines it read, "Ax may be hovering over Mariah Carey´┐Ż recording giant ready to drop singer."

Now wait a minute, didn't Mariah Carey sell well over 50 million albums since 1990? (Strictly speaking in the dollar terms, that's roug...

Fan Fair Is It fair or Not? (21 Apr 2006)

Just by the title of this article, I feel like Andy Rooney from 60 minutes. I grew up watching him with my Grandma, although he looks just the same as he did when I was 3. So last night, when I turned the on the TV and he was there, I thought I ...

Graphic Design, Color, and Moods (09 May 2006)

Graphic Design is a powerful tool when you use it affectively with colors that will influence the mood of your visitors.

Learning to use the correct colors to trigger the correct response can enhance your website and have your visitors becom...

How To Repair A Leaded Glass Panel (30 Mar 2006)

We recently repaired and replaced a leaded glass panel. This was a repair to a leaded window and we traditionally use the copper foil method developed by Tiffany studios in the early 1900's. So we were mixing two styles of glass construction. The ...

Now is the Best Time (12 Oct 2005)

Jimmy and his wife have been invited to an article writing phone in seminar. One of the Gurus' got their name from an email list and asked if they would like to participate as "experts".

They both tripped over each other as they rushed to t...

The Account of: The Apparition Tiamat (23 Jan 2006)

The Account of:
The Apparition Tiamat

[A Vignette/sketch #4: introduction into a new series]

(A Letter found at the late H.L. Lovelit's Home, in Boston, had the following story.)

It was in the spring of a lost year, one yet t...

Planet SSARG (Chapters 13-Part II, 14, and half of 15) (15 Nov 2005)

Chapter Thirteen
Hearts of Buzzards

Part Two

The Fight

(Fists and Blaze II)

Finn, the giant slept in one of he deep halls away from all the commotion, while the Manticores pounded their hairy chests about with excitemen...

Cookies, Milk And Santa - An Adventure Of The Miracle Twins (17 Jan 2006)

One Christmas Eve after mother reading a Christmas story about a Jolly man in the red suite, how the good little children left cookies and milk for him before retiring, Wally being the older said, "Monty let us also fetch Santa milk and cookies." ...

One More Thing: Hes Gay (05 Oct 2005)

How is that for a title?

Yesterday we left Jim and George after their aborted trip to the Mall

We may as well forget them today: they went to the liquor store instead and are still at home drunk.

Let's see if we can find another...

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