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Author Rings In New Year With A Resolution For Humor

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Author: Joe Tallman

If your New Year's Resolution didn't include a good laugh, don't worry about it. New York native and author, J. Peter Yakel, says he's got you covered with his whirlwind international tale, "The Legend of Juggin Joe" (Lulu Press,

"Sure, the ball dropping creates an initial rush of excitement for almost everyone", says Yakel, "but shortly after the confetti settles, people tend to step back and think, 'Oh boy, another year of work, frustration and challenges', instead of, 'Happy days are here again!'. Sometimes they make these hardcore resolutions, and we all know that there's no humor in that!"

For those too mired in the daily grind to give themselves a break, the literary dervish says his resolution was to share a dose of his own humor. Says the 3rd generation Westerloer, "Have a laugh on me. Pick up the book, gather up your mental sheep, and get the flock outta here! Check out of reality, and into the hilarious world of Juggin Joe!"

What's so funny about the book, you ask? The effervescent jokemeister says, "This is an over-the-top country humor story that centers around the life and times of a boy dubbed 'Juggin Joe', for his uncanny abilities playing the jug. First off, how many people do YOU know that play the jug???" Without pause, he adds, "That's what I thought…now, just how Joe acquires such a rare musical gift, and his subsequent rise to international stardom, is a real adventure. The book is loaded full of situational humor, wrapped around a true love story. Joe even has a hand in helping to end the Cold War, but you'll have to read it to believe it."

Yakel says the added hook in his book is that it's written in a wholly-unconventional style that he calls 'country-speak'. "Other authors just don't write like me. That's not a boast, it's a simple fact. When I crafted the book, I knew my text style might present some with an initial reading challenge", he says, "but it's the country dialogue that's exactly what makes the book so much fun to read. Grammatically, Juggin Joe is an English teacher's worst nightmare", he quips, "but it's the good nature of the story that shines through it all. Joe is a larger-than-life character, but one who people can really identify with. Best of all", says Yakel, "It's a light-hearted adventure that allows people to put their cares and worries aside for awhile."

As for whether or not 'Juggin Joe' is delivering the guffaw goods to the starving masses, Yakel is optimistic. "The book has gathered a bit of attention recently", he says, adding that reviews have been good thus far. "I was recently interviewed by a magazine as an 'Author in the Spotlight', and references to Juggin Joe are popping up on the 'net." The self-published author said he hopes his blend of humor, unforgettable characters, and unique writing style prove to be the right combination for happy readers in 2006. And if not? "Well", says Yakel, "there's always the sequel to Juggin Joe that I'm working on now!"

If your laugh tank is empty, or you know someone in desperate need of a sense of humor, "The Legend of Juggin Joe", is a mouse click away. Purchasing information, as well as a free chapter preview, is available from Lulu Press at:

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