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Ever Heard of a Quagga?

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Author: Seer Rhykan

Thetans did it!

There can be no question. These poor animals where hunted to extinction by Thetan crazed European settlers.

Beware the Dreaded Theet O Vac!

If only they had the Theet O Vac and Theet O Meter. These beautiful animals would be with us today.

I can picture them now, proudly parading to the post at Delmar. All the Punters are looking them over, deciding who deserves how much of their money. Many of them concerned that number 6 has 17 stripes. This is considered bad luck by some and good by others. The odds on Number 6 have changed dramatically since the track paper pointed out that there is a faint trace of a line that had not been noticed before. They are carefully considering stripe patterns, coloring, head size and all the other things that have to be taken into consideration to choose a winner.

Beware the Dreaded Theet O Vac!

They would be featured in cigarette advertisements, fashion magazines; Polo riders would use them over horses because of their beauty and agility. Mothers would be taking their daughters to riding lessons. Where there are horses now there would be Quagga. Can't you picture the riders mounted and dessed in matching striped suits? Like a bunch of lawyers on a lunch break.

Police would be mounted on them in all the worlds major cities and parks. Cowpokes would be using them on the range and of course in rodeos. We might still have herds of thousands of wild Quagga roaming the African plains along with Wilderbeasts. What a magnificent sight!

Get your Theet O Meter plans now.

Any size donation will enable you to start to be "clear".

EzineArticles Expert Author Seer Rhykan

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