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OP Art

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Author: Margaret Houghton

A friend sent me some samples of Op Art. Op Art is an optical illusion. It uses mainly squares, stripes, spots, dots, shadings which are seen as moving like waves or changing when the eye is trained on it for any length of time.

Op Art was a movement which began in the sixties. Artists tried to create the illuision of movement on their canvasses. It is a totally abstract art form, essentially aimed at the eye of the viewer. It is hard edge painting which uses geometrical shapes repeatedly which appear to make the painting move, giving an illusion of depth. The best known works are in black and white.

Probably one of the most known artists for her optical art is British born artist Bridget Riley.

Artists, in the sixties and early seventies, wished to get away from the flatness of paintings, hence their creating the illusion of movement on the canvas brought about by how the shapes and colours are used. Examples of op art can easily be viewed by typing in 'op art' in a search window.

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