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So You Want to be a Film Critic Part II

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Author: Tamika Johnson

If you followed the advice in Part I of So You Want to be a Film Critic you have an amazing, witty, informative review ready for the world to see. So, now what? What do you do with your great review? Well now you market that review and others that you will write so you can continue your dream of becoming a film critic.

1. Create your own website - Create a website or a blog and post reviews to your site regularly. If they're good and interesting and you post often enough you will develop a following and at the same time create clips that you can send to a perspective employer.

2. Start writing for other websites - You may want to try writing for other film websites., or are excellent choices. You can apply to them and see if they will accept you as a reviewer and then, when seeking out a paying job, you can show that you've been writing for various other online publications.

3. Try alternative magazines, weeklies and newspapers - Most cities have small or even large alternative magazines, weeklies and newspapers. They're always looking for new talent and may allow you to write some movie reviews for them. Send them a query and see what happens. The jobs may or may not be paying but it is a good place to start.

4. Try smaller markets - You have to understand that everyone wants to be a critic. And once someone gets a film critic job they rarely relinquish it. It's a lot like the Supreme Court, film critics die out of their position. If you think you're going to land a job with a major newspaper or entertainment show right out of the box, think again. You can forget about the major markets, like L.A or New York at the beginning of your career. If you are serious about being a film critic then you will look at Idaho or Ohio, small town newspapers as a start. Remember it's all about gaining experience and exposure and one needs to take opportunities where they arise.

So that's it. Follow the suggestions listed here and in Pt. 1 of, So You want to be a Film Critic and you'll be on your way to fulfilling your dream of being a well respected, nationally known film critic..

T.S. Johnson is a freelance writer and owner of Visit for all of your writing needs or to have your music, movie or book reviewed.

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