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Some Spooky Stuff

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Author: Frank O'Donnell

Some offbeat oddities from the new novel The Witch of Greenwich Village:

- Meditation, acclaimed for its ability to clear the mind and promote creativity was, in primitive times, used for revolting purposes and is still employed by obscure cults for obscene rituals.

- There are sixteen chapters in the Old Testament that mention dreams.

Overall there are about seventy references to drams in the Bible.

- Plato and Aristotle thought dreams prophetic; Cicero was a skeptic.

- The oldest dream book extant is an Egyptian papyrus by Medineth, dated 2000,BC.

- There are eight documented cases of people who dreamed of the sinking of the Titanic before it happened.

- The night before it took place Lincoln dreamed he was going to be assassinated.

- Dickens dreamed he was going to meet a lady named Miss Napier and that she would be wearing a red shawl. Who shows up the very next evening, red shawl and all? - you got it - good old Miss Napier.

- In 1929 Edgar Cayce dreamed beforehand that the stock market would crash.

- The renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that dreams foretold the future and put people in touch with "the collective unconscious of the human species." Adler emphasized the "anticipatory and compensatory function of dreams."

If you found the above interesting and if you liked Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, The Other and Burnt Offerings please visit for a synopsis and an excerpt from The Witch of Greenwich Village, by Frank O'Donnell The book is also available on line as an E Book.

Frank O'Donnell is a produced playwright with a musical comedy (Robin for Good) a drema (Twistes) and seven one act plays to his credit.

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